Can Baby Doves Eat Bird Seed? (Dangerous or Safe?)

Baby dove’s food list consists of various selected foods that are suitable for them to consume because they can not eat foods mature doves can eat without hesitation. Bird seeds are one of the popular bird foods, but can baby doves eat bird seeds?

Baby doves can eat bird seeds when they reach the age of 5 to 6 weeks at least. Because consuming bird seeds is not easy for their digestive system before that age, you should also feed them bird seeds only after they reach the age of 5 weeks.

Are Bird Seeds Safe For Baby Doves?

Yes, bird seed is a safe food for baby doves after 3 to 4 weeks of birth. To grow, baby doves need a mixed diet of seeds, water, and grit.

Can Baby Doves Eat Bird Seed, do Baby Doves Eat Bird Seed

The grit helps the bird’s gizzard break down the food and make it easier to digest. Baby doves should be fed with millet seed from a pet store or another reliable source that is safe for birds.

Some people use birdseed mix as a type of diet for their birds, but if you are going to be giving a baby dove any kind of seed, it is important to know which ones are safe.

The benefits of feeding these seeds to baby doves include the following:

  • Less hungry and more vigorous birds.
  • More frequent egg-laying.
  • Better digestion and the absorption of water in the gut due to higher levels of dietary fiber.
  • Improved immunity as far as worms, bacteria, and fungi are concerned.
  • A more varied diet that improves feather quality, among other things, allows them to withstand weather changes during the winter time better.

When Do Baby Doves Start Eating Seeds?

The time frame varies because different species of baby doves have different needs at different points in their lives. For example, European baby doves feed on seeds when they are 3 weeks old.

Baby doves start eating seeds about 15 days after hatching. Pet doves often need a “starter” diet of soiled pasta or bread because their young birds learn where food comes from and how it is foraged by adults.

In general, without early seed-eating experience, dove crops will not develop properly, resulting in stunted growth and possible health issues as they grow older.

Do Baby Doves Like Bird Seeds?

Yes, they do! Baby doves love to have their beaks filled with bird seeds. Because they are so small while eating seeds, they can enjoy and play. You can also toss some birdseed into an open-air enclosure for your baby dove.

Birdseed is one of the few things a baby dove will eat. It is not clear why this is, but it seems to be for them to honor their parent’s instinctive territory-marking behaviors.

Doves are also known for being able to cause an eclipse, which is pretty impressive! So if your backyard has a lot of live trees and you want some baby doves hanging around, then, by all means, put out some bird seed for them.

What Seeds Do Baby Doves Eat?

Baby doves, also called young doves, are typically fed a diet consisting of ground seeds. Some seed mixes contain millet, canary grass, and coddled corn, and they can also survive on an all-seed diet.

You can make your seed mix using millet and canary grass at home. Canary grass seeds are huskless and cheap, so it is a good alternative for those trying to save money when feeding their baby doves.

Make sure to soak the seeds overnight in a water-filled container before feeding them to your baby doves. Otherwise, they will be too hard to digest.

How To Feed Seeds To Baby Doves?

A method used to feed seeds to baby doves is placing the food on a tray and encircling it with branches about 30 cm from the tree’s base.

The paper towel served as nesting material for the baby doves, and another method utilized was hand-feeding them. Below are some methods that can be used to serve seeds to baby doves:

01. Put the seeds in a small plastic bag, poke tiny holes in the top of the bag with your finger, and attach them to a pole or other mobile object.

02. Put the seeds on a thin string and clip them onto a branch of a tree.

03. Place on a platform feeder or bird table with a mesh feeder

04. Place some in an uncovered dish or container.

05. Line up pieces of fruit like orange slices and grapes around a bowl that has been poked full of holes so that the seed is exposed to air.

06. Line up bread pieces around a bowl that have been poked full of holes to expose the seed to air.

07. Line up bread pieces around a plate covered with cheesecloth and then put it in the cage with the baby doves and take them out when eaten

08. Create a “nest” out of an upturned bowl or box lined with a paper towel, cotton wool or tissue paper, etc., and fill it with seed

09. Put some seed on top of a carrot stick and push it into the ground for easy access for smaller birds.

10. Doves can also pick at seeds from your finger if you are patient enough to train them.

The seed mixture for doves is about 5 parts small seeds to 1 part millet. Doves can be given this mixture in a bowl or on the ground, but they seem to prefer it on the ground.

Doves enjoy many types of wild seeds but do not like corn or grains with high oil content like sunflowers or buckwheat.

For this reason, we recommend you mix your dove seed mix and feed them in a small outdoor area with lots of vegetation.

You can easily set up multiple feeding stations based on your available food items and how much time you want to spend tending to the bird’s diet.

How Often & How Much To Feed Seeds To Baby Doves?

Baby doves need to be fed a diet high in protein, which helps them grow and develop their flight muscles.

Seeds are a great source of these proteins that baby doves need, and 2 teaspoons of seeds are enough per bird.

Baby doves need to be fed around twice as much food as if given plain seed because their diet consists mostly of dry food.

People should always keep an eye on the amount of seed given to their pet birds, especially concerning body weight and age.

For example, a dove with a small body would need less seed than one with a larger body (e.g., 1 tbsp per day for a tiny bird).

It is because the average dove eats about 25% of its body weight in food each day. Each bird has different nutritional needs and lifestyle habits. However, “the seed contained in dry foods and soft treats are not toxic or harmful.

Can Baby Doves Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Yes, baby doves can eat sunflower seeds. Sunflower seeds are an excellent food source for both young and adult birds. A lot of baby dove’s diet is made up of these types of bird seed. 

Sunflower seeds are rich in fatty oils, so they make a good source of nutrition for any bird that needs to build its feathers and maintain strong beaks and bones (such as doves).

However, it is important to note that not all sunflower seeds are the same. If you want your birds to have the best chance of fighting off starvation or malnutrition, you should only offer them roasted sunflower seed kernels.

Can Baby Mourning Doves Eat Seeds?

Yes, baby mourning doves can eat seeds. There are many seeds that a mourning dove might eat. Seeds are often the key to attracting mourning doves, and they will eat sunflower seeds, millet seeds, and corn.

Interestingly, only the time of day affects the way that baby doves consume their seeds. In other words, when a seed is picked up for consumption by a mourning dove during daylight hours, it will usually be eaten quickly and in large quantities.

However, when the same seed is eaten at night, it will usually be consumed slowly and in smaller quantities.

Last Thought

Baby doves can eat bird seeds without any hesitation whenever they get a chance to feed on them.

But it would be best if you were careful while feeding them bird seeds, such as the feeding amount and the frequency of serving. Do not serve only bird seeds, and serve them other foods required for their growth.

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