Can Baby Parakeets Eat Bananas? (Are Bananas Safe For Them?)

Baby parakeet foods are very crucial for their growth. They require only those foods which are healthier for them and beneficial for their growth. But can baby parakeets eat bananas?

Baby parakeets can quickly eat bananas without any hesitation. Bananas are one of the fruits which they love to eat. There are many nutrients present in bananas that add value to the growth of baby parakeets. Read to know how you can properly feed them bananas.

Is Banana Safe For Baby Parakeets?

Bananas are safe for baby parakeets. But the number of banana pieces should be moderate. Bananas have a delicious taste and have many benefits for a baby parakeet.

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They have vitamins and important nutrients and are seedless. Baby parakeets can get potassium and antioxidants from bananas.

Bananas have carbohydrates that help to keep their lung function and heart beating. Also, carbohydrates are helpful in the digestion of food. It proves that banana is not harmful to baby parakeets.

But if you are giving only bananas to them, it can be dangerous for them. They can become fat, and baby parakeets are venerable to obesity.

In addition, eating excess amounts of bananas can cause storage iron disease in baby parakeets. So, ensure not to feed only bananas to them but also seeds, vegetables, and grains for their balanced diet.

Can Parakeets Eat Cantaloupe?

For feeding baby parakeets, a balanced diet is essential for the growth, development, and prevention of various diseases. So, try to feed baby parakeets bananas as a reward or treat to maintain their balanced diet.

Can Baby Parakeets Eat Fruits?

Baby parakeets can eat fruits as they are a well-balanced diet for them when they are able to eat at a specific age. There is a lot of fruit that baby parakeets eat and are available in the market and the garden.

They like to eat fresh fruits the most. Bananas, apples, blueberries, mango, raisins, strawberries, oranges, and peaches are the fruits that parakeets can eat.

Adding all varieties of melons, nectarines, and kiwis to their diet is also good for them. Make sure to remove the seeds from the cherries before giving them to parakeets. They love to eat tropical food too. What can parakeets not eat? Toxic foods to avoid feeding parakeets.

How To Feed Bananas To Baby Parakeets?

01. The best method that you can use to feed bananas to baby parakeets is to cut the banana from the mid and do not remove the peel. After cutting it, place it into your bird’s feeder, so then they will eat them.

What Fruits Can Parakeets Eat? (Best Fruits To Feed Them)

As the baby parakeets are very small, the size of the bananas should be small enough so that they will eat them easily.

If baby parakeets do not like to eat bananas with their peel on the first try, then do not give them banana peels in the next round. Never force your bird to eat anything.

2. The other method that you can use to feed baby parakeets is hand feeding. It will help in making your bond strong with your bird. Before feeding baby birds, peel off the skin and then hand-feed your baby parakeets. 

How Often To Feed Bananas To Baby Parakeets?

Baby parakeets can eat food after every 15 to 20 minutes a day. Therefore, you can feed bananas to baby birds and baby parakeets eat in very small quantities after every hour or two hours.

Therefore, bananas should not be the only fruit to be fed to your bird. Always serve different types of fruits to your baby parakeets.

How Much To Feed Baby Parakeets Bananas?

Half a banana is enough for a baby parakeet. But because baby parakeets are very small, you should serve them bananas in small pieces to eat them easily.

In addition, banana is a seedless fruit, so there is no need to worry while feeding them bananas because they are not harmful to your baby parakeets.

Can Baby Parakeets Eat Banana Peels?

Baby parakeets can eat banana peels. You can give them fresh peels as some do not like dry banana peels. It is safe to have the skin of bananas because those peels have many nutrients and vitamins, but they are not the best thing birds can have.

Also, peels have sprayed pesticides on them, which can harm your bird. So please do not throw away peels. Instead, put fresh peels in your baby parakeet cage because they like fresh peels.

Can Baby Budgies Eat Seeds?

If you have given peels to your baby parakeets, their reaction will vary. Some only eat the inner part and leave the skin, and some eat the skin and leave the inner part.

Though banana skin has nutrients, it is harmful as well. Peels have cellulose which is not digested by baby parakeets, not even by humans.

Baby parakeets cannot break cellulose and absorb it. It is passed through the body as waste. Pests attack bananas, so pesticides are sprayed on them. There is no issue if your baby parakeets eat the inner part but eating the skin is harmful.

To reduce the danger, you should either buy organic bananas or wash the peels before giving them to your baby parakeets.

If your baby parakeets do not eat skins, insects will be attracted to them, and baby parakeets will eat insects. You can place peels in your baby parakeet cages so pests can not access the peels.


Baby parakeets are not able to consume foods as adult parakeets can consume. Also, it is very important to know whether they can eat or not before serving them any food. So before feeding bananas to them, you should have knowledge about can baby parakeets eat bananas.

Yes, they can eat bananas, as we have discussed earlier. While feeding them bananas, you should take care that you are not overfeeding them this fruit because overfeeding them is harmful to their health.

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