Can Birds Eat Cheese (is Cheese Safe For Them?)

Birds are known to eat fruits, vegetables, and some homemade foods. Homemade foods are not as popular for birds as other foods. But cheese is one of the favorite food of humans and is commonly seen in households. But the question is, can birds eat cheese?

The direct answer to this question is that birds can eat cheese and enjoy it while eating. But they are healthier for birds with the limit of quantity and a few things you should take care of, which will be discussed further.

Table of Contents:

  1. Is Cheese Safe For Birds?
  2. Benefits of Cheese For Birds
  3. Do Birds Like Cheese?
  4. How Can You Give Cheese To Birds?
  5. Which Birds Eat Cheese?
  6. Can Birds Eat Mozzarella Cheese?
  7. Can Cheese Kill Birds?
  8. Can Birds Eat Cheese Puffs
  9. Summary

Is Cheese Safe For Birds?

Yes, cheese is completely safe for your birds. Birds can safely feed on fermented dairy products, and cheese is one of them. It is also safe for birds to consume cheese. Cheese is safe for birds in several ways, such as it has various good fats and nutrients.

can birds eat cheese

It is safe only if you serve cheese in small amounts and should not be a major part of your bird’s diet.

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Make sure one thing that there is not a single toxic ingredient in it like garlic or onion. You can add cheese to their meal, which is a good treat for all birds. 

Cheese is a delicious snack with various nutrients that both birds and humans can enjoy eating. You should avoid food with high-fat content to serve your birds in large quantities, like dairy products, including butter, milk, cream, or cheese.

They are not toxic at all, but it is good to feed your bird cheese in less amounts, just like a treat on occasion. Birds can also digest cheese and almost all other dairy products easily.

Benefits of Cheese For Birds

The only dairy product they can not digest is milk, and their gut is not designed in such a way that they digest it.

Because of this, they can have serious stomach problems like digestive issues or stomach aches and even die just because of it. There are a lot of benefits of cheese for birds, and some of them are listed below.

01. Calcium: Cheese is very healthy for the bones of a bird, and it has calcium, an essential nutrient for birds.

In cheese, it is available in a considerable amount which helps make the bones of your birds stronger and healthier. Vitamin B is also present in cheese, which helps the bones absorb calcium from cheese.

2. Healthy fats: Other than those fats that are not good for your bird, there are many healthy fats in cheese that are good for your bird. You can add cheese to your bird’s diet to provide them with healthy fats.

These fats help in absorbing various vitamins and can keep your bird full for some time. But it is highly advised to give cheese to your bird in small amounts.

3. Boosts immune systemCheese helps boost your bird’s immune system, and they do it by becoming the carrier of probiotic bacteria.

This bacteria is not harmful, and it helps in improving the ability of your bird’s body to fight against all types of germs and infections. That is why this bacteria is good and beneficial.

4. Proteins: It also contains proteins in high amounts and is necessary for birds. Lack of protein leads to the weakening of the immune system, shrinkage of muscular tissues, and fluid retention in both birds and humans.

Because it is an excellent source of protein, humans, birds, and some other animals can eat it. The protein present in cheese helps repair, form, grow, regulate, and protect the bird’s body.

5. Vitamin B12: The last benefit of cheese is that it is full of vitamin B12. It helps in producing RBCs (red blood cells) in the bird’s body.

The deficiency of vitamin B12 causes neurological damage, lethargy, and muscle weakness. And eating will help your birds in getting rid of all these problems.

Do Birds Like Cheese?

Yes, birds do like eating cheese. Cheese is one of the major energy sources for the birds to survive their day and even night without eating anything.

The high-fat content of cheese is the reason why birds like to eat it. Some British birds who like to eat cheese are sparrows, dunnocks, robins, and wrens.

How Can You Give Cheese To Birds?

Different methods can be used to serve cheese to your birds. You can place cheese under hedgerows for feeding birds like wrens, and the best method is to use a small bird table made of wood. You can place it on the lawn, garden, or backyard.

Before serving the cheese on a wooden bird table, grate it well, and for this, use a grater having small holes. Grated cheese will be easy for your birds to eat.

While giving cheese to your bird, make sure that you are not placing it on any hanging feeder because it can contaminate it. Because of this reason, always use a flat surface for placing the cheese.

Which Birds Eat Cheese?

Birds that love to eat cheese are blackbirds, wrens, dunnocks, song thrushes, robins, parrots, and sparrows. Birds can eat almost everything that humans can eat. What do robins eat in winter?

If something does not contain many nutritional benefits, it will not be harmful to birds if humans can eat them. 

Can Birds Eat Mozzarella Cheese?

Yes, birds can eat mozzarella cheese. Mozzarella cheese contains a lot less lactose than cheddar cheese, making it a better choice for your birds.

But even if it has a low amount of lactose, you should not feed your birds too much of it. Small pieces of mozzarella will be enough for your birds. Can birds eat popcorn?

Can Cheese Kill Birds?

No, cheese can not kill your birds only if you feed them in less amounts, just like a treat. They have less amount of nutrition than other bird food. Do not buy cheese from the market if you think of feeding cheese to your birds.

It is harmful to them because they are full of chemicals and can harm your bird. that is why try making them in your home using natural ingredients. Homemade cheese is better than the cheese that you buy from the market to feed your birds.

But make sure you are not feeding your bird cheese in high quantities. It may harm them. Never give soft cheese and rancid cheese to your bird as food because they are not suitable for them. You can use hard bits of cheese and milder cheese to feed your birds.

Can Birds Eat Cheese Puffs

Yes, birds can eat cheese puffs. They are edible for birds as we humans can eat them, which means they can be given to birds as food. But cheese puffs are considered junk food as they are fried.

So, feeding cheese puffs frequently to your birds can be harmful to them as junk food is unhealthy for any living being if given for eating on a daily basis.

So, cheese puffs can only be fed as an occasional treat in a monitored feeder. But in public bird feeding areas, we do not suggest you feed birds cheese puffs.


Choosing a suitable food for birds is crucial, and you should not randomly select any foods for birds. The person should verify whether the food is suitable for birds or not.

Any harmful effect caused by food may lead to severe conditions, especially when it comes to feeding homemade foods to birds.

Cheese is the favorite of many people, and if you want to feed cheese to birds, you can go for it with some caring and instructions and proper ways to serve cheese to birds.

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