Can Birds Eat Cinnamon? (Is It Safe To Give Birds?)

Spices are good for a bird’s digestive system and have good effects on its health. Spices also include cinnamon. Birds can eat cinnamon, and it is undoubtedly a great beneficial ingredient for them if you introduce it to your bird.

  1. What Type Of Birds Eat Cinnamon?
  2. Birds That Eat Cinnamon
  3. Can Cinnamon Hurt Birds?
  4. Can Birds Eat Cinnamon Bread OR Cinnamon Cereal?
  5. Final Thought

What Type Of Birds Eat Cinnamon?

When we talk about birds, we know about their different categories based on their size, appearance, living, and eating habits. There are so many birds in the world that are big, medium, and small in size.

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When we see big birds like eagles, hawks, vultures, owls, and crows, we observe that their lifestyle differs from other birds. Because they like to eat other birds or meat, they fulfill their food requirements in other ways.

Though almost all birds live on trees by making their nests on the high branches of trees and love to fly their flight, eating habits vary and differentiate from other birds, so their nutritional requirements and diet differ from bird to bird.

Therefore, they (eagles, hawks, vultures, owls, and crows) do not need different flavor-blasting ingredients like Cinnamon. On the other side, almost all birds, like parrots, including all their species, can eat Cinnamon.

This is good for their health and digestion. As they are small in size and their diet consists of fruits and foods, according to their nutritional requirements and diet plan, you can give them Cinnamon as they like to eat it no matter how much they enjoy eating it.

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Birds That Eat Cinnamon


A cockatiel is a bird that belongs to the species of parrots, and he is a very loving pet. With so many other fruits and foods, they can also eat Cinnamon as it has good digestion properties and other benefits. What do cockatiels eat? [Best Foods & Feeding Tips]

You can offer Cinnamon to your cockatiel once or twice a week.


Conure is a beautiful and loving bird. He is a member of some other species of parrots.

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People like to adopt them. They (conure) are avid eaters, they like and can eat so many fruits and foods. Along with fruits and food, the owner could also give them Cinnamon in any form, which their bird can quickly eat.

As it is spicy, the owner should provide it not more than once or twice a week.

Scarlet Macaw

The scarlet macaw is a very colorful bird and is a member of a species of parrot. He is a social bird and likes company. He is a food-loving bird. For better performance of the digestive system, the owner can provide Cinnamon.

Cinnamon can offer in the form of sticks or mix it in bread in the form of powder. It all depends upon the comfortable zone of your bird. Now the question is, how much quantity should Cinnamon give to your bird?

The answer is that one should provide Cinnamon to his bird in a week, not more than twice. 

African Ring-neck

The African ring-neck is a beautiful bird that belongs to the species of parrots. He is a loving bird, enjoys other birds, especially the same birds, and has a loving attitude toward humans.

Like other parrots, he also likes to eat and play. His diet includes fruits and foods, and he can also eat spices like Cinnamon.

Cinnamon could be given in the form of sticks or powder no matter what but need to remember whatever Cinnamon gives to your bird, the quantity must be measured and not exceeded the limit (once or twice a week).

Indian Ring-neck

Indian ring-neck is also a bird and member of species of parrots. He is a friendly-natured bird and likes to eat his favorite food and fruits. Indian ring-neck can also eat Cinnamon.

The owner should be cautious about his diet, and specifically, Cinnamon should be given in a reasonable amount because if you give too much, it will be harmful to them.

Can Cinnamon Hurt Birds?

No, Cinnamon does not hurt birds. Cinnamon is a great ingredient that is full of nutrition. Its anti-bacterial properties make it a helping ingredient in lessening the growth of bacteria in fresh food. Some of its benefits are mentioned below.

  • It helps in digestion.
  • It helps to kill bacteria.
  • Cinnamon helps egg development in a good way, meaning it is good for the bird’s breeding process.
  • When birds eat it, it gives freshness to their breath, and it is suitable for their respiratory system.
  • If you provide Cinnamon in the form of sticks to your birds, they will also enjoy it. Birds love to play with cinnamon sticks. They utilize it as a toy.
  • Cinnamon sticks are a little bit hard when birds play or eat them with their beaks. It is also helpful to maintain the excellent health and shape status of their beaks. 

There are three types of Cinnamon available, Ceylon cinnamon, Saigon cinnamon, and cassia cinnamon.

Ceylon cinnamon is considered the best and healthiest for birds because it is easy for them to digest and favors them over the other two mentioned above.

Can Birds Eat Cinnamon Bread OR Cinnamon Cereal?

Last but not least, we further state in detail about cinnamon bread or cinnamon cereal. One should offer his bird organic Cinnamon because cinnamon cereal may include some harmful pesticides to some birds.

Cinnamon, which has added sugar not given to your bird as sugary food or diet, is harmful. However, honey is good and healthy for birds. You can give homemade bread or cereal and add some honey to it and give it to your bird which is good.

Final Thought

Although birds can eat cinnamon without hesitation, you should serve them in moderation and not overfeed them with cinnamon. Always feed them with cinnamon properly so that they would benefit from the nutrition present in the cinnamon.

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