Do Birds Eat Butterflies? (Know The Fact)

Birds eat different kinds of foods such as vegetables, insects, fruits, seeds, etc. But many people have doubts that do birds eat butterflies? Also, they are curious to know whether butterflies are safe for birds to eat or not.

The direct answer to this question is yes, and birds do eat butterflies without any hesitation. Butterflies consist of many beneficial nutrients for birds. Various birds feed on the butterflies and get benefitted from the nutrition present in them.

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Do All Birds Eat Butterflies?

Yes, almost all birds eat butterflies along with their eggs and larva, but it is very rare to see birds eating butterflies.

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But some butterflies, like the monarch butterfly, are not very tasty to their predators, including birds. That is why only a few birds eat monarch butterflies.

Their taste is due to the cardiac glycosides these butterflies eat in the larva state in the form of milkweed, which gets absorbed into their bodies when they become adults.

This substance is toxic for the predators like birds but does not harm the butterflies. So like the monarch butterfly, not every butterfly is toxic for birds. In a butterfly, the most nutritious part is its body, so most birds don’t eat the wings.

Also, the butterflies with bright-colored wings are bitter and contain nutrients highly toxic for birds, indicating that they avoid them.

But birds like Orioles and Grosbeaks are clever enough to slit open and clean the abdomens of butterflies to avoid getter intoxicated.

Birds do indeed eat butterflies, but sometimes they do not prefer to eat this as it requires a lot of effort to catch a butterfly as their bodies are designed to be anti-birds.

So birds have to fly behind them until they catch them to feed on them. On the other hand, some butterflies do not even taste good and are not good for their health, so it prevents birds from eating butterflies.

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What Kinds of Birds Eat Butterflies?

The majority of the birds eat butterflies, but in small quantities. Some of these birds are Warblers, Orioles, Grosbeaks, Blue jays, Martins, Great Crested, Tanagers, Northern Mockingbirds, and many more.

Some birds who do not eat the seeds or say that the birds are not seed-eaters will eat butterflies. For example, parrots are included in that bird list who do not eat seeds, and if they get a chance to feed on butterflies, they will not miss it.

However, the birds that enjoy eating insects and are highly tolerant towards the toxic nutrients found in monarch butterflies or the birds that are smart enough to remove all the toxic organs from the body of the butterflies are most likely to eat butterflies.

Do Birds Attack Butterflies?

Yes, birds widely attack butterflies to eat them; birds are the biggest predator butterflies have to deal with to survive.

But with time, butterflies have evolved some techniques to avoid attacks, such as developing toxic nutrients in their body that are poisonous for birds. However, still, birds that are tolerant to those toxic nutrients do attack butterflies in large numbers.

How Do Birds Eat Butterflies?

Most birds eat butterflies the same way as other insects by hunting them down in the wild. But some birds like Orioles are smart enough to slit open their stomachs before eating them to minimize the number of organs containing toxic nutrients.

In this way, Orioles are able to eat large quantities of butterflies, unlike other birds.

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How Often Do Birds Eat Butterflies?

Birds eat butterflies two times a day. They never feed on only one thing. They eat a variety of food, so then they will not get ill. So, suppose you are serving butterflies to birds.

In that case, you can serve them one time a day along with other food items like fruits, insects, caterpillars, vegetables, etc.

One more thing, butterflies cannot be fed regularly to birds or more than twice a day as they contain substances that can be toxic for the birds if fed in high quantity.

Do Small Birds Eat Butterflies?

Yes, small birds do eat butterflies. Wren is a small bird, but these birds avoid eating large quantities of butterflies as they can have health issues due to the toxins present in the body of butterflies.

However, they catch the butterfly and eat them within no time, and small birds are also species of birds.

A big reason for birds to eat butterflies is that butterflies are insects at the end of the day and are healthy. And it is natural for birds to eat insects to survive.

What Kind of Birds Eat Monarch Butterflies?

Monarch is endangered by the birds such as black-headed grosbeaks and black-backed orioles at overwintering sites as these birds do not get poisoned easily so that they can eat large quantities of monarch butterflies.

To avoid the toxins, Orioles slit open the abdomens of the monarch and clean them before eating them. Big flocks of these birds eat such heavy quantities of monarchs in Central Mexico, where dense overwintering colonies are found.

Apart from Mexico, there has never been seen mass predation of monarchs as the monarchs in other parts of the world are highly toxic for birds which can cause a lot of problems.

Still, the monarch found in Mexico lacks the toxic nutrients, making them a preferred diet for birds like Orioles, which can tolerate the number of toxic nutrients these monarch butterflies have.

Why Do Birds Not Eat Monarch Butterflies?

The reason why birds do not eat monarch butterflies is that these butterflies consist of chemicals that are very bad in taste. So when birds eat one of these butterflies, they vomit instantly.

However, they even try to eat a monarch butterfly that looks identical to them, such as the viceroy butterfly. On milkweed leaves, monarchs lay their eggs especially.

These eggs consist of some chemicals called aminoglycosides which damage the heart. When the caterpillar eats the milkweed leaves, these chemicals are swallowed.

After this, they are maintained by the chrysalis stage. When the butterfly appears after transformation, that chemical remains in its body.

So after eating the monarch butterfly, the bird instantly starts to vomit the butterfly due to extreme suffering from that chemical. The aminoglycosides give rise to chest pain, and the bird feels a heart attack due to that pain.


There are many predators of butterflies, and birds are one of them. Birds eat butterflies whenever they will catch them. There are not only a few birds that feed on butterflies but also a large number of birds that like to eat butterflies.

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