Do Birds Eat Tomatoes? (All You Need To Know)

Birds like to eat different types of fresh fruits in the wild. But tomatoes are grown on a farm, and you might have a question, do birds eat tomatoes?

The answer to this question is slightly positive, and birds eat tomatoes whenever they get an opportunity to eat. But there are many benefits and harmful effects that you should keep in mind before feeding them to birds.

  1. Are Tomatoes Safe For Birds?
  2. Do Birds Like Eating Tomatoes?
  3. Do Wild Birds Eat Tomatoes?
  4. How To Serve Tomatoes To Birds?
  5. Can Birds Eat Red Tomatoes?
  6. Summary

Are Tomatoes Safe For Birds?

Yes, tomatoes are entirely safe to feed your birds. But while feeding tomatoes to birds, keep in mind that they should be given to birds in a very moderate amount. If you feed your bird with a lot of tomatoes, it will harm your pet bird.

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Do Birds Eat Tomatoes?

So, avoid excessive feeding of tomatoes to your birds. A question will arise in your mind: it is not safe to feed your pet birds tomatoes in large amounts. The answer is quite simple.

Tomatoes are very acidic, and if eaten in a large amount, they can cause stomachache, ulcers, and even upset your bird’s stomach.

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But the flesh of tomatoes is highly recommended for them to feed as they are safe. However, their vining and leaves are not recommended to feed your pet birds as they are toxic.

Do not grow vining tomatoes in your garden or your backyard. Just like birds can quickly eat potatoes, tomatoes also have a delicious taste. Also, this is fine to feed your birds.

Do Birds Like Eating Tomatoes?

Yes, birds like eating these juicy tomatoes due to the tangi taste that tomatoes have. But tomatoes can be acidic and can even be toxic for birds if consumed in large quantities.

So, we suggest not feeding your birds too many tomatoes. You can give tomatoes to your birds as treats. As said above, stems, leaves, and vines are highly toxic for your pet birds, so keep these things away from them.

Somehow, these are not considered the best option to feed your birds because of their high toxicity level. You can feed them some other fruits or vegetables along with the flesh of tomatoes.

Do Wild Birds Eat Tomatoes?

Wild birds are found to eat tomatoes because of their full flavor taste. Wild birds eat tomatoes so much that the farmers farming tomatoes have to think of ways to scare them off their fields.

Tomatoes can be beneficial as well as harmful for birds, and tomatoes are from the nightshade plant family. These plants have alkaloids and some other organic compounds.

If they are taken in high amounts, they can even cause psychological effects on wild birds. These alkaloids cause muscle twitching, paralyzed breathing, and trembling.

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They also have vitamin D3, and their excessive intake can cause abnormal calcium deposits in tissues, tendons, and ligaments. So, please keep the number of tomato slices in their feed as little as possible.

How To Serve Tomatoes To Birds?

It would be best to keep some important things in mind while serving tomatoes to your pet birds. After selecting perfect, red, and juicy tomatoes, the first thing to keep in mind is that none of those tomatoes is green, not even a single green spot on tomatoes.

Wash each tomato carefully to remove vines and leaves from it. Then serve washed and small sliced tomatoes to your birds.

Cut the tomatoes into tiny pieces, keep in mind your birds’ size, and, according to it, slices should be small for easy feeding.

The slice can be ¾ inch and in square shape. It is a safe treat for your birds, but the slice size can be smaller for feeding baby birds.

Do not feed birds with tomatoes daily. Once a week is more than enough, or you can increase that limit from one week to two weeks, and it will prevent birds from any health problems.

The dose you are serving for a single bird should be one slice only, not more than that per week. Chop that slice into various small pieces for easy intake. However, dried tomatoes are far better for birds to eat.

Do not add any preservatives, salt, or sugar to it. Never forget to remove the green part having seeds in tomatoes. Before not choosing green tomatoes, they are more toxic and have more toxins than red ones.

Always choose large tomatoes over plum and cherry tomatoes. The reason behind this is those small tomatoes are more toxic than the larger ones.

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While picking tomatoes from the garden, do not forget to remove vines and leaves as they are toxic. Please choose dried or cooked over raw tomatoes; dried or cooked tomatoes have fewer toxins and acidity.

Along with this, they have an increased number of nutrients than raw tomatoes. Never go for canned.

Can Birds Eat Red Tomatoes?

Yes, birds can eat red tomatoes, but avoid their green leaves. Red tomato is a delicious fruit, and you can treat your birds with it. It would be best if you will clean the tomato before serving it to your pet bird.

Slice it into pieces, and remove the green part that has seeds. These seeds or you can say that the green part contains toxins, prevent your birds from exposure to these toxin seeds.

Along with that acidic issue, tomatoes also have various health benefits. They are high in lycopene content. Tomatoes are anti-oxidants and are good for the health of your pet bird.

It also helps in fighting cancer. Tomatoes help in reducing the risk of sunburn. Tomatoes also have vitamins in them. It includes vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B9 (folate), and Vitamin K.

Vitamin A is good for your bird’s eyesight and helps increase immunity is good for some other functions.

Vitamin C helps fight sickness, and Vitamin B6 helps improve red blood cells (RBCs). And vitamin B9 helps in maintaining cognitive function.

Not just vitamins, tomatoes also have minerals in them. It includes calcium, phosphorus, and potassium. Calcium plays a vital role in maintaining and increasing the health of birds’ bones.

It also improves nervous functions, and systems and helps in muscle movement. Phosphorus helps eliminate wastes from your pet bird’s body. It also helps in the forming of DNA & RNA.

The last mineral, potassium, helps in keeping fluids regulated in your bird’s body. It also plays a vital role in maintaining the nervous system and its functions.


Tomatoes are one of the delicious fruits that we regularly use in our diet. You might have thought about feeding birds tomatoes. Birds can eat tomatoes, and they will enjoy eating them without hesitation.

Besides the many health benefits of tomatoes, there are also adverse effects, and you should keep these things in mind before offering them this fruit.

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