Do Birds Eat Watermelon & Are They Safe For Birds?

We all have seen birds eating oranges, fruits, insects, and other popular bird foods. But many people have asked questions that do birds eat watermelon?

This question itself has various categories in it. Watermelon consisting of rinds, seeds, and the red portion of watermelon. Birds can eat watermelon, but there is something to be discussed in brief before giving it to birds.

Is Watermelon Safe For Birds?

Yes, watermelon is one of the safest fruit for birds to eat. As birds are fond of seeds, they start eating the watermelon seeds and then eat the rest. It is essential to remove the rind to prevent your bird from any pesticide or other harmful thing.

do birds eat watermelon

Watermelon is safe for birds because they help keep their hearts healthy and good for bird’s eyes and bones. They also help in digesting food and in relieving the soreness of their muscles.

Watermelon is a natural treatment for inflammation, strengthens bird’s immunity, and also helps in boosting energy. They contain lycopene and citrulline. Both of them help the blood in moving throughout the bird’s body.

Not just this, it also helps in protecting the cells from any damage and prevents them from any heart disease. Watermelon is also rich in vitamin A, vitamin B, vitamin B6, and vitamin C.

In birds, vitamin A helps in improving the health of their eye. It also helps build strong and healthy bones. Vitamin B helps boost a bird’s energy level.

Also, it helps the immune system to produce antibodies necessary for the health of a bird. Vitamin C helps in boosting the bird’s immune system.

Watermelon contains almost 90% of water. Hence it is a perfect source of water. It also contains fibers good for digestion in birds. Other than vitamins, watermelon also contains electrolytes and some amino acids.

They both help in relieving muscle soreness. Watermelon also contains lycopene, which lowers the risk of birds falling ill as it contains inflammatory properties.

It also has some calories that are excellent energy sources. Watermelon provides birds the energy that is required for them to live their life.

Do Birds Like Watermelon?

Birds love to eat watermelon as it is a portion of delicious food to all birds. It contains different types of essential vitamins and minerals that are necessary for a bird.

But do not make the mistake of feeding watermelon only. Always add some other things to their diet to make their diet healthy. Make sure to remove the watermelon rind before serving it to birds.

Can Garden Birds Eat Watermelon?

Yes, garden birds can eat watermelon. The majority of people think that birds can only eat seeds, worms, grains, insects, berries, berries, nectar, nuts, suet, and grass. But birds can also eat apples, oranges, some fruits, and watermelon is one of them.

It not only grows in farms, but it is also available in the wild. So, along with garden birds, those birds living in the wild can also eat it and benefit.

How To Serve Watermelon To Birds?

Chop watermelon in tiny pieces before serving to avoid any mess created by birds. Small pieces have less surface area and are easy for them to eat.

It is highly recommended to remove watermelon pieces from bird feeders after two hours to prevent your birds from harmful bacteria, as watermelon is a perfect snack for your bird to feed.

Try to serve it with some other fruits, berries, seeds, vegetables, mealworms, and corn. Variety in the diet of birds makes it healthier and more attractive. Before serving watermelon to your bird, cut it into small pieces as they are easy for them to eat.

Watermelon seeds are not harmful to birds, and birds can also swallow them easily, so it is up to you. If you want to remove them, you can or leave them for your bird to eat.

If you think that seeds can cause birds to choke, it is good to remove them from watermelon before giving them food. You will face a minor issue in cleaning the place where they have eaten watermelon.

So, make sure when you give them this fruit, they are away from walls, carpets, and your room also.

Whenever you are serving food to your bird, make sure they do not overeat as it can be harmful to them, they can even get sick though they are eating healthy food.

Please do not rely on fruit only. Give them some berries, seeds, and vegetables for a balanced diet.

Can Birds Eat Watermelon Seeds?

Yes, you can serve watermelon with seeds or without seeds. Birds love eating watermelon in both ways. It is optional to remove seeds from watermelon.

Birds can swallow watermelon seeds easily. But before serving watermelon seeds to your bird, soak them in water overnight so they will become soft, and the bird will pick them quickly.

Can Birds Eat Watermelon Rinds?

No, birds are not allowed to eat watermelon rind. Watermelon rinds contain many substances that are toxic for your birds, such as fungicides and pesticides.

Its harmful effects can not be reduced by washing the rinds. And to keep your birds safe, you should remove the flesh altogether from the rinds before feeding them to your birds.

Organically grown watermelon is preferable if you have to feed them watermelon rinds. It will ensure that the fruit is free from any chemicals.

Is Watermelon Poisonous To Birds?

No, watermelon is not poisonous for birds, but watermelon rind is somehow dangerous for them. Aside from this, watermelon is the perfect snack for your bird.

Indeed, the rind is not suitable for your bird’s health, but you can feed the organically grown watermelon’s rind to your bird. As they are organic, they will not harm your bird in any way. 

Watermelon seeds are also not harmful to your bird, but to avoid bird choking, soak them overnight. Last and the most important thing is that make sure that watermelon is not the only diet for your bird.

If so, then it is dangerous for them. Always give them a balanced diet that includes various fruits, vegetables, and other bird food.

Watermelon is also not poisonous. Instead, it is beneficial for them as it contains different essential vitamins and nutrients like iron for your bird.

Last Words

Watermelon is a healthy fruit to feed your birds. A lot of beneficial nutrients present in the watermelon will boost the immune system of birds. Birds can quickly eat the watermelon, including the watermelon seeds.

You should be careful with the amount of watermelon you are feeding, the same as other foods. Also, rinds of watermelon are not recommended to give the birds for eating.

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