Do Bluebirds Eat Seeds? (Know The Fact)

Seeds are one of the most consumed food by various birds. But bluebirds do not have the same diet as other birds. Also, many people have asked the question do bluebirds eat seeds?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes, and bluebirds can eat seeds without any hesitation. They enjoy eating seeds. But you need to take care of the feeding schedule and the types of seeds you are serving them.

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Is Seed Good For Bluebirds?

Yes, seeds for the survival of birds are safe for their health. In winter, when insects are very difficult to find, bluebirds can eat the seeds. Most probably, bluebirds like to eat sunflower seeds.

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Bluebirds can not eat the seeds which are present in the shell. This is because their beaks are not able to crack the shell to get the seeds. These seeds are shelled, and you can offer these seeds in the hanging bluebird feeder or platform feeder.

In sunflower seeds, you must offer them by removing the shell. It is very important to note that seeds are not included in the regular diet of bluebirds.

They are insectivores, but they eat seeds with other food to survive in the absence of bugs and insects in the winter season. Sometimes bluebirds eat chopped peanuts, safflower seeds, and sunflower seeds.

How To Feed Seeds To Bluebirds?

You can serve seeds to bluebirds in the platform feeder or hanging bluebird feeder so that they can quickly eat. These feeders must include one opening for the entry of bluebirds.

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The shell of seeds must be removed while serving them to the bluebirds. The rugged exterior of the sunflower seed must be removed if you are providing these sunflower seeds.

Bluebirds eat seeds only in winter because it is tough for them to get insects and bugs. Typically, bluebirds do not eat seeds in their regular diet.

Bluebirds can not eat sunflower seeds because the shell cannot be cracked by them because of weak beaks and cannot be digested by them. It is very important to remove it because this can result in the death of the bird.

How Often To Feed Seeds To Bluebirds?

The seeds are mostly served to the bluebird only in the winter season. In summer, these birds have a huge amount of insects and other foods that do not need seeds to survive. Insects are readily available in late summer and spring.

In winter, they also eat fruits to get energy, and they especially eat seeds to survive. You can feed bluebirds seeds 2 times a day without any hesitation.

Only in winter, their diet consists of seeds and fruits. But in summer, bluebirds do not eat seeds as they have many insects around them, which is their favorite food.

So, it means that bluebirds eat seeds only in winter to survive and live for a long time. Otherwise, seeds are not included in their favorite dish.

Can Birds Eat Pumpkin Seeds?

How Much To Feed Seeds To Bluebirds?

As in winter, the bluebirds are only dependent on seeds and fruits. It means that they will only eat fruits, crushed peanuts, softened raisins, currants, and blueberries. You can feed them seeds 20% of their body weight.

It’s up to you how you manage your diet plan. You can mix both fruits and seeds in their regular diet. Bluebirds only eat grains and fruits in the harshest conditions.

The best way to feed the bluebirds is to put a mixture of seeds, peanuts, and fruits in a unique bluebird feeder or tray feeder. These feeders must have an opening at one side so that the bluebird can enter them.

What Seed is Best For Bluebirds?

The sunflower seed is the healthiest seed for the bluebird. In these seeds, many nutrients are present that are essential for the growth of bluebirds. The other seed that can also be advantageous for most bluebirds’ health is white proso millet.

This white proso millet can attract different types of ground-eating birds, and the bluebird is one of them. You can feed bluebirds on the ground or in a platform feeder.

Do Bluebirds Eat Sunflower Seeds?

Yes, bluebirds can eat sunflower seeds. One of the essential seeds that bluebirds eat in winter is the sunflower seed. The most crucial fact about sunflower seeds is that they contain shells as an exterior cover.

The bluebird can not digest this shell and cannot be broken with the help of its soft beak. So, you must continually offer them sunflower seeds by removing their outer shell.

These sunflower seeds contain a high amount of oil content, giving birds an extra amount of energy. So, these seeds are suitable for the health of bluebirds.

Can Birds Eat Flax Seeds?

Do Bluebirds Eat Safflower Seeds?

Yes, bluebirds can eat safflower seeds. These seeds are from the annual safflower plant such as Carthamus tinctorius. Safflowers are a great addition to the gardens.

These flowers are very beautiful with orange-red and yellow blooms. The seeds of these flowers must be served in a large tube, hopper, or platform feeder.

Any type of feeder that can place sunflower seeds will be suitable to go for offering safflower seeds. An excellent way to feed the bluebirds and attract them is to put some seeds in sheltered, shrubby, and ground areas.

The taste of safflower seeds is very different from sunflower seeds, so bluebirds can take time to get used to this new food. Firstly you should serve these seeds by mixing them with other seeds so that birds can take these seeds easily.

Do Bluebirds Eat Nyjer Seeds?

Most species of birds can surprisingly taste the Nyjer seed. But bluebirds are significantly less attracted to the Nyjer seeds. If you do not offer bluebirds anything, you can attract the bluebirds to eat the seeds.

To attract the birds, you must have the correct bird feeders. These bird feeders must have a small home so that we can pour seeds into them. Offering Nyjer seeds in the winter season is the best option.

Before properly serving the seeds to bluebirds, you must give them Nyjer seeds as a mixture with other seeds to get used to it. This seed contains a large amount of energy.


Different types of seeds are present for feeding birds. Most birds like to eat them, and they enjoy eating seeds. Like other birds, bluebirds can eat seeds and gets benefitted from the nutrition present in the seeds.

You have to keep a few things before feeding them seeds, choosing the proper seeds, and giving them the proper schedule so that you are not giving them too many amounts of seeds in their diet.

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