Do Cardinals Eat Peanuts? (Know The Fact)

Cardinals are fond of eating various food, including fruits and seeds. But peanuts are not usually liked by some birds. This may trigger the question about cardinals eating behavior for peanuts. So it is a good question, do cardinals eat peanuts?

The straightforward answer to this question is that cardinals eat peanuts without hesitation whenever they get the opportunity to feed on peanuts. You can feed them peanuts with a proper feeding guide, as discussed below.

Table of Contents:

  1. Are Peanuts Safe For Cardinals?
  2. Do Cardinals Like Peanuts?
  3. How To Feed Cardinals Peanuts?
  4. How Often & How Much Do Cardinals Eat Peanuts?
  5. Do Cardinals Eat Whole Peanuts?
  6. Do Cardinals Eat Peanuts In The Shell?
  7. Final Words

Are Peanuts Safe For Cardinals?

Yes, peanuts are completely safe for cardinals as they are high in proteins and a good source of fat (unsaturated). Along with this, peanuts are also a good source of energy and calories.

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It is good for the cardinals in the winter season. Cardinals can also store peanuts for a few days in winter, especially if there is a food shortage. They do like eating crushed peanuts and whole peanuts.

While serving, make sure bird feeders are not empty in the late evening or early morning. These are the times when cardinals like to eat.

Cardinals can also eat roasted peanuts, but they cannot eat salted peanuts, peanut hearts, sugary peanuts, and raw peanuts.

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Salted peanuts are not good for cardinals because of the presence of a high amount of sodium. Sodium is not good for cardinals and other birds also as it can harm them.

The reason why raw peanuts should not be served to cardinals is the presence of trypsin inhibitors, which works as a poison if served too many or in a large amount. So you can use roasted peanuts instead of raw peanuts while serving peanuts to cardinals.

Do Cardinals Like Peanuts?

Yes, cardinals like to eat nuts, and peanuts are one of them. Cardinals like to eat peanuts. As peanuts are high in healthy fats and proteins, they keep songbirds like cardinals full-bellied for a long time.

Peanuts are a high-energy food for birds and are available in different varieties. It helps them in flying in the winter season. The majority of their trips are to pick up peanuts so they can enjoy them later.

How To Feed Cardinals Peanuts?

Before serving, the most important thing is to remember never to serve them salted, sugary, and roasted peanuts. If the season is rainy or the area is damp, then clean. The first thing to do is to clean the bird feeders well.

The reason for doing this is that peanuts also become moldy, just like seeds. So it is important to clean the bird feeder first. After that, place peanuts in it, only a few.

Do not put a lot of peanuts in the bird feeder at a time in the rainy season. If you think peanuts are a little bit expensive, you can mix some seeds with them, seeds of any type.

Then, you can serve them in a bird feeder together. You can use bird feeders to serve peanuts to cardinals in the backyard. Some of them are listed below.

  • You can serve peanuts to cardinals in a tray feeder or platform feeder in the backyard. While serving, keep in mind that you are offering a reasonable quantity of peanuts to cardinals.
  • Another feeder that you can use to serve peanuts to cardinals is a window feeder. You can add seeds and some other nuts and peanuts to give it an attractive look and different taste in this feeder.
  • If you are serving whole peanuts to cardinals, then use a wire mesh feeder. Peanuts in wire mesh feeders are in very small sizes, which is a plus point for cardinals. However, if you will serve whole peanuts to cardinals, then there are chances that they will suffer from choking while small pieces have little risk of choking.

How Often & How Much Do Cardinals Eat Peanuts?

Two to three peanuts for the cardinals in a week is more than enough. However, if you will increase the amount, it can harm them. To prevent cardinals from getting ill due to aflatoxin intake, you have to first remove the peanut shell and serve it.

Do Cardinals Eat Whole Peanuts?

Yes, cardinals do eat whole peanuts. You can blend the whole peanut and then serve it in any bird suet recipe. It will add a good flavor to it. While serving, you can use specialized peanut feeders for cardinals and also for other birds.

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Do Cardinals Eat Peanuts In The Shell?

Yes, like other birds, cardinals do eat peanuts in the shell. They are high in protein and good fat. But some cardinals choose unshelled and roasted peanuts to eat.

Like other foods, and bird snacks, peanuts served in excess amounts are also not good for the health of cardinals. So keep the number of peanuts moderate.

Final Words

Cardinals are known to eat various foods such as seeds, and fruits, and some species are fond of eating insects. Many people have questions that do cardinals eat peanuts or not. This article will help you to find out the complete answer in brief.

Keep in mind that the number of peanuts should be within the limit as discussed above, and you should not exceed the limit. Serving them in the feeder is one of the preferable ways to do it.

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