Do Wrens Eat Seeds? (Know The Fact)

Birds like to eat various foods, including fruits, vegetables, insects, seeds, etc. Seeds are one of the favorite foods of birds. But in the case of Wrens eating behavior, many people have asked the question about do wrens eat seeds?

The straightforward answer to this question is yes, wrens do eat seeds without any hesitation, and they enjoy eating seeds. You need to use a proper way for feeding them seeds so that they can easily eat seeds.

Table of Contents:

  1. What Type Of Seeds Do Wrens Eat?
  2. What Kind Of Birdseed Do Wrens Like?
  3. How To Feed Seeds To Wrens?
  4. How Often & How Much To Feed Wren Seeds?
  5. Do Fairy-wrens Eat Seeds?
  6. What Seeds Do House Wrens Eat?
  7. Final Thoughts

What Type Of Seeds Do Wrens Eat?

Wrens like to eat seeds, mostly in winter when there is a lack of other foods. They can eat seeds in another season too, but they prefer insects more because they are insectivorous.

do wrens eat seeds

But in winter, they most like to eat seeds because seeds help them survive in winter by giving maximum energy as seeds consist of fat and oil in a large amount.

There are plenty of seeds available for winter feeders, but wrens get more attracted to seeds like black oil sunflower seed, peanut hearts, the mixture of seeds, suet, and nutmeats.

Black oil sunflower seed is best to feed them at the beginning if only one type of seed can be given to them. Among winter feeders, peanut hearts are the seeds that they like to eat most, too, as they have no shells and are easy to eat.

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What Kind Of Birdseed Do Wrens Like?

Wrens mostly like to eat bird seeds like black oil sunflower seeds, premium seed mixes, and nutmeats. Black oil sunflower seed is the most prominent and attractive birdseed among wrens.

It has a thin covering shell that can be opened easily. It is full of oil and has enough energy, which helps wrens get through winter. Wrens are also attracted to the mixture of bird seeds.

There are bundles of birdseed mixture, but the most popular to eat are cheap mixes and suet. Cheap mixes are most attractive among wrens. It consists of seeds like cracked corn, white and red milo, and striped sunflower seeds.

When you put these mixes of seeds in front of wrens, they would like to eat any of these or all these with joy. In a mixture of seeds, it all depends on how many seeds you shall add or which quality of seeds you shall add.

If you add seeds according to the wren’s seed list and high quality, wrens will eat them quickly. Otherwise, they will spread all over the floor or scratch them with their feet.

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How To Feed Seeds To Wrens?

Some wrens are ground feeders, and they will instantly rush toward the food on the ground. So you can offer them food on the ground or in a tray.

You can feed wrens with a bird feeder called an ice ornament feeder. To make a bird feeder, you need 0.5 to 1 cup of water in a plastic bowl, add a reasonable number of seeds, and mix them.

Take a piece of string or ribbon according to the desired length and place it in the water by making sure that one end is in the water and the other is outside.

You can take more pieces of string and put them in water according to your need. Then place the bowl in the freezer overnight.

Then take out the bowl and separate the ice bird feed cube and then hang them on your tree branches or any supporting wire so that the wren can feed on them.

Don’t be tense if it starts to melt, and wrens can eat seed from the ground too. You can hang pieces of peanut butter and suet on a tree branch to feed wrens.

How Often & How Much To Feed Wren Seeds?

Wrens like to eat seeds, mostly in the winter months. It’s great if you are offering them twice a day to maintain their energy.

You can feed them 0.5 to 1 lb. or 1.5-2 tablespoons of seeds per day so that they won’t suffer from hunger and low energy. You can give them one meal in the early morning and one in the evening before or right after dusk.

If you want to offer them peanuts, then make sure that you only give them peanuts. Because these can provide enough energy, you can say greater than the third part of their daily need.

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Do Fairy-wrens Eat Seeds?

Mainly fairy-wrens are insectivores, but they can eat a variety of seeds too to fulfill their body’s energy needs. Fairy-wrens can eat sunflower seeds, especially black oil sunflower, a mixture of seeds, suet, and peanuts in small pieces, but they mostly prefer suet and peanuts to eat.

As these two are rich in fat and oil, they can give the maximum energy, and a plus point is that they don’t have shells on them. So, they are easy to eat for them.

What Seeds Do House Wrens Eat?

Like other wrens, house wrens also enjoy eating sunflower seeds, nuts, pieces of suet and peanuts hearts, or peanut butter.

House wrens prefer to eat insects as these are insectivorous, but they will eat seeds when there is a deficiency of insects or are unavailable, like in winter.

Although suet is not birdseed, you can mix it with birdseed and then offer it to wrens. Suet consists of beef fat, rich in fat and oil.

Final Thoughts

If you plan to feed seeds to wrens, you can surely go for it without any doubt. Wrens eat various seeds, and you need to keep a few things in mind before serving them seeds.

Also, you will experience those wrens will like to eat seeds in winter mainly because they are fond of eating insects and other similar foods.

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