What Do Baby Conures Eat? (Foods & Feeding Tips)

Conures eat different kinds of foods, including fruits, seeds, veggies, insects, etc. But baby conures are not capable of consuming all those foods that mature can eat. So what do baby conures eat? What to feed them?

Baby conures can eat soft foods like cooked veggies, high-quality seeds mixed, etc. Also, soft leafy green vegetables are part of their diet. But feeding them is very curious, and you should know what suitable food you can feed baby conures.

What To Feed Baby Conures?

You may not know many things about feeding baby Conures and what they should be eating. Conures are very intelligent and, as a result, need a varied and well-balanced diet to maintain their health.

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They require a diet of high-quality seed mix, fresh vegetables, and fruit, fresh scraps from the kitchen table, sprouted seeds such as oats or lawn grass seeds, dark leafy greens such as spinach or kale in moderation only, and no fatty foods.

You can also feed them conure food. They like different things to eat, so be prepared with lots of healthy treats from veggies to nuts. Be sure always to have fresh, clean water available.

Conures are naturally well-balanced, intelligent, and healthy birds that can be fed a wide variety of foods. In the wild, baby conures eat mixed seeds, fruits, and vegetables.

Captive-bred babies are more likely to be fed a commercially available seed mix diet along with some additional fruit, vegetables, and greens.

It is important to consult with your avian vet about the best diet for baby conures. Baby conures need plenty of protein-rich food in order to maintain good growth and development. 

A commercial seed mix provides enough protein for this species, but if it is not supplemented, they may not get enough protein from their diet.

You can supplement their diet by providing them with food such as mixed nuts and beans or other foods high in protein such as eggs or meat.

We recommend you introduce your bird to new foods slowly. Most birds get excited when they see fresh food, so be aware not to overfeed your bird or let them play with the food, or it will cause digestive problems (like diarrhea).

How To Make Foods For Baby Conures?

Follow some simple steps to make food for baby conures.

01. Choose a recipe that your bird likes and prepare it in your kitchen.

2. You can add chopped vegetables to the food in a blender if you want more nutrients for your baby bird’s diet.

3. Blend the ingredients until they are smooth, and then put them in a small bowl of cold water on the stove or microwave to help them warm up faster when you feed them to your birds later on.

4. Make sure that you always keep the food fresh, and put it in small dishes if your birds usually eat on a perch or the side of their cage.

5. Place the bowls inside their cage and near where you usually place them so it will be easier for them to eat.

6. You can also place the food on the ground in a bird feeder and then watch them eat it from the feeder in your kitchen or from where you are sitting.

7. Clean the bowls when your birds finish eating and remember not to feed them too much food.

How To Feed Baby Conures?

The method of feeding food to baby conures can vary and also depends on what baby conures like to eat.

Some may find that their babies do not like fruits and vegetables, so some ways can be used to add variety to their diet. Various methods are used to feed baby conures according to their age.

Newborns: For the first couple of weeks, baby conures will gain all the nourishment they need from their parents. Most baby conures require an extra source of food.

At this age, the chicks are open-eyed and very curious. Once their parents stop feeding them, the baby conures are ready to be weaned onto solid foods.

1-2 weeks old: The diet at this stage is primarily made up of fresh vegetables like cooked carrots and kale, with a few fruits such as pears and peaches.

3-4 weeks: At this point, you may start introducing tropical fruits like papaya and bananas into their diet. Please ensure they are in very small pieces when you serve them to conures.

Up to 6 Months Old: Give them a small amount of water (freshly boiled water mixed with fresh fruit) every day.

They may also eat fruits and vegetables, some seeds and nuts like sunflower seeds or pumpkin seeds, bananas, applesauce, and boiled eggs in small amounts.

7 Months Old: At this age, they can eat some more new fruits, like mangoes and applesauce, in small quantities.

8 Months Old: You can offer them fresh fruits per their preference. For example, a moderate amount of alfalfa, sunflower seeds, and some fruit should be sufficient for them.

How Often To Feed Baby Conures?

Baby conures can eat food 4 to 6 times a day. Feeding very often in the first few weeks of their lives is important because they need food for better health and nourishment.

But as they start to grow, it is important to pay attention to how much food they are eating. If you do not take care of how much and how often they are eating food, they will get ill.

So it is always best to feed your conure when they seem hungry, or you can also follow a two to three-hour gap schedule between every meal.

Baby Conure Feeding Schedule

The baby conure’s feeding routine depends on their age and size. It is important to follow the feeding schedule for a baby conure as this will ensure that your pet can maintain a healthy diet, strong immune system, and strong flight feathers

Baby conures are typically fed every 1 to 2 hours during the initial days. You should feed them at least three or four times per day (late afternoon or evening, 3 to 4 pm; morning, 8 am; mid-morning when they wake up at around 10 am).

How Much Should Baby Conures Eat?

Conures should eat small meals with a few hours gap throughout the day rather than 2 large meals. You can feed baby conures as often as they want to eat, or you can feed them every 2 to 3 hours.

The finely chopped vegetables, romaine lettuce, and apple slices are great treats for baby conures. The water intake should be increased to a minimum of 4 to 5 ounces per day.

To get baby conures into the habit of eating small meals instead of stuffing themselves, initially feed them less than they want, then gradually increase the amount you feed them each meal until you reach the right amount.

Feed tiny pieces of fruit and vegetables with their daily diet to encourage more tastiness in their food.

Can Baby Conures Eat Fruit?

Yes, baby conures eat fruits after reaching a certain age. Like other baby parrots, baby conures can eat a wide variety of fruits and vegetables.

In the wild, they will eat fruits and berries, both ripe and unripe. Most baby conures are fed a diet of about 80% fruit.

However, some fruits may have been linked with negative health effects in some other birds and animals.

Citrus fruits, including oranges, are high in Vitamin C but can cause diarrhea or stomach cramping in your pet bird. So it is best to feed them the fruit that is good for them. 

Many people give their conure babies fresh/frozen fruits and vegetables as a treat once in a while for their enjoyment.

But they should avoid extreme amounts of anything that might cause illness in them. Some other fruits, such as figs, are toxic to them because they may slow the conures’ eating rate and cause choking issues.

Do Baby Conures Drink Water?

A baby conure does not drink water until it is weaned because it is getting all the necessary fluids from foods.

However, it would be best if you always kept an eye on the conure to ensure that its water intake from food is enough, which will help avoid dehydration in baby conures.

Baby conures can drink water after weaning, but it is usually not recommended until the age of three weeks when their digestive systems have fully matured, and they can regulate their body fluids better.

When they reach the age where baby birds can drink water, you can offer them freshly prepared fruit juice to them. Until then, they will get all the necessary water from the foods that you are feeding them.


As you got the answer to the question, what do baby conures eat? It is your responsibility to feed them in a proper way if you are the person who is responsible for their care.

Always check for their food before serving them, whether it is cleaned or not, and also do not feed them any foods that are not suitable for them.

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