What Fruits Can Ducks Eat? (Favorite Fruits & Feeding Tips)

A duck’s diet consists of various foods, such as seeds, veggies, insects, fruits, etc. But ducks can not consume all the fruits, and hence many people raised the question of what fruits can ducks eat.

Ducks can eat fruits such as bananas, apples, mango, pomegranate, and many more. Also, strawberries are one of the favorite fruits of ducks that they enjoy while eating. These fruits are also beneficial for the growth of ducks.

What Fruits Are Good For Ducks?

There are many fruits that ducks can eat, but the first of these is the apple. Apples are delicious and a portion of great food for ducks because they are juicy and tart.

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The next fruit is bananas. Bananas also make a great snack for ducks because they give off a kind of honey-like flavor that will taste amazing on the duck’s palate.

They also have lots of potassium which can be good for their digestion system as it pushes out toxins from their body more efficiently. When a duck wants to snack, it will go for the grapes.

Grapes give a great sweet taste, and they can add a certain elegance to the duck’s diet. You can never go wrong with having grapes in a bird’s diet.

The last fruit that ducks love is the strawberry. Although strawberries are somewhat sweet, they have some tartness, making them taste wonderful for ducks.

As you can see, fruits are essential to have in your ducks’ diet, and you should never run out of them as it will leave them without anything to eat, and they will end up starving and eventually die of starvation.

Applesauce, oranges, and strawberries are all healthy options that can be trickled or dropped into a duck dish as an extra treat for your feathered friend.

The different fruit varieties also have their benefits in terms of how many nutrients they provide to help keep ducks’ feathers strong and healthy.

For example, oranges provide vitamin C, and strawberries provide antioxidants that prevent free radical damage.

Some other fruits like apples and watermelon are good for ducks. They are a great snack for your ducks that will help them enjoy the outdoors as much as possible and keep them from being bored, sick, or sad.

Best Fruits To Feed Ducks

Fruits for ducks are a great way to ensure your duck’s diet is diverse and healthy. It is also a good way to ensure they do not get bored with their diet. The best fruits for ducks to feed on are listed below.


Apples are a great choice for feeding ducks. Apples are high in ascorbic acid, which the body needs to synthesize collagen.

Collagen is one of the building blocks of skin, cartilage, and bones. It has also been shown that apples have high amounts of malic acid.

This acid has many beneficial effects, such as helping with muscular weakness and lowering cholesterol levels.


Strawberries are good for feeding ducks because they contain vitamin C and folic acid.


Kiwifruit has many vitamins and minerals essential to your pet waterfowl’s health, including vitamin C, vitamin E, fiber, calcium, potassium, folate, and thiamin.


Bananas are a portion of good food for ducks because they contain a small amount of protein that is easy to digest.

Also, the potassium in bananas can help with muscle development and repair. The antioxidant effect of bananas can also benefit your waterfowl skin problems such as dry and flaky skin.

They also have soluble fiber, which can lower cholesterol levels when eaten in a large enough amount.


Mango is also a portion of good food for waterfowls because it contains vitamins C and A. Vitamin C helps with collagen production in the body, while vitamin A helps aid in cell growth and repair.


Figs are another great food for feeding ducks because they contain a lot of fiber, calcium, carbohydrates, and protein.

These are all things that ducks need in order to survive. Also, figs contain many vitamins, such as vitamin B1 (thiamin), vitamin B2 (riboflavin), and niacin, which help regulate metabolism and help with the body’s nerve function.


Persimmons are a portion of good food for feeding ducks because they contain vitamin C and potassium.

These two vitamins are essential to the body and can help ducks stay healthy. Also, Persimmons contain antioxidants which can help prevent the oxidative damage that comes with age.


Pomegranates are good food for feeding ducks because they contain many antioxidants which can prevent disease in their body.

Also, Pomegranate seeds and arils have been shown to aid in digestion by exerting an enzyme part of the digestive process.

When feeding your ducks a piece of fruit, make sure you cut it up into smaller pieces or cut off any parts that may be too chewy for the duck to swallow in one bite.

Feed your duck three days in a row with their favorite pellets and water, then either wait one day or introduce them to fresh fruits for their remaining days.

Treating your duck with fresh fruits is always good for them because it keeps their diet more varied.

If you start seeing weird behaviors from your duck, such as lethargy or not eating, this could be a sign of an infection that immediately requires veterinary attention.

What Fruits Are Toxic To Ducks?

Some fruits like oranges and peaches are not good for your ducks because they contain high nitrates, which can be harmful to their health. You probably should not feed oranges to any bird because any fruit with high sugar content can ultimately lead to problems. Many fruits are indeed toxic to ducks. You can save your favorite duck from some pesky bouts of diarrhea or worse by avoiding these fruits.

Here’s the list:

  • Apples
  • Plums
  • Pears
  • Nectarines (including cherry)
  • Peaches (including apricots) 

Some experts believe all cherries are toxic. Apricots and peaches consumed in large quantities can cause kidney failure and liver failure. Ducks have a natural aversion to citrus fruits such as oranges and grapefruit because of their tart taste and high acid content.

Can Ducks Eat Pineapple?

Yes, ducks can eat pineapple, although they are not necessarily the best option for your feathered friends. Ducks are plant-eating animals and can eat almost any plant or fruit-based food.

It makes it safe for them to eat pineapples, as pineapples are a fruit. Also, pineapple holds some nutritional value for ducks, as they are rich in Vitamin C and can fulfill the vitamin C requirement for ducks.

However, feeding too much pineapple to ducks can be hazardous for their health as pineapples are acidic in nature, and too much of it can harm the digestive system of ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Strawberries?

Yes, they can eat strawberries. Strawberries have very high water content and a range of nutrients, which explains why so many creatures love them so much.

They are also really easy to grow at home. Like pineapples, strawberries can also be fed to ducks, a low-calorie food with high nutrients and vitamins.

Some of the nutrients found in strawberries are vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, and fiber which are an essential part of a duck’s diet to keep them healthy.

Although strawberries have a great nutritional value for ducks, they also contain sugar, and too much sugar can be unhealthy for ducks, so strawberries should be fed in a limited amount.

Another thing you should keep in mind while feeding strawberries to ducks is that you should never feed whole strawberries to them, as ducks directly swallow their food without chewing.

So it would be best to cut strawberries into small pieces before feeding them to your ducks.

Can Ducks Eat Oranges?

No, ducks can’t eat oranges. They do not have teeth, and it would be impossible for them to peel one, let alone chew on the sweet fruit. However, there are some other fruits that they can safely enjoy.

Although ducks can eat most fruits, there are some fruits that are not suitable for ducks, and oranges are one of them.

Oranges can not be fed to ducks as they are highly citrus and acidic, which is unhealthy for ducks. Oranges can cause anemia in ducks, resulting in the thinning of eggshells.

Can Ducks Eat Watermelon?

Yes, ducks can eat watermelon. Watermelon is a melon, which is healthy and delicious for human consumption, so there is little worry that watermelons will harm ducks.

In most cases, it is actually good for their digestion. Watermelons are one of the favorite foods of ducks, and they are really healthy for them.

As watermelons have a high water content, making them great for keeping ducks hydrated.


As we got to know the answer to the question, what fruits can ducks eat? Now, you need to feed them a diet consisting of proper nutrition and a diet of various foods that are beneficial for their health.

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