Can Ducks Eat Onions (Recommended or Not?)

Ducks can eat various foods, including insects, fruits, vegetables, etc. But, in vegetables, there is a list of vegetables that ducks can eat and hence a question arises here, can ducks eat onions?

Ducks can not digest the onions as it contains toxic chemical compounds which are harmful to the ducks. The digestive system can not process the onions efficiently, especially the harmful chemical compounds present in the onions. Know the reasons why it is not recommended to feed them.

Table of Contents:

  1. Are Onions Safe For Ducks?
  2. Why Are onions Bad For Ducks?
  3. What Are Other Poisonous Foods For Ducks?
  4. What Vegetables Can Ducks Eat?
  5. Last Words

Are Onions Safe For Ducks?

No, not at all. Onions can be toxic to ducks, especially if they eat the whole onion. The exact level of toxicity depends on the quantity of onion fed to ducks. Still, ingestion of even a small amount of onion can cause a serious reaction.

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The most common symptoms include a lack of coordination, difficulty breathing, and sometimes paralysis in the legs or feet.

These symptoms may also be accompanied by excessive swallowing, with some droplets appearing from the nostrils, which could indicate dehydration from stomach acid being thrown back up the esophagus along with food particles from consuming food too quickly before it’s been chewed enough.

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Why Are onions Bad For Ducks?

A portion of domestic ducks’ favorite food, onions, tends to cause explosive diarrhea in wild ducks because they have no way of digesting them efficiently.

Onions are particularly bad for ducklings because their bodies are smaller than those of mature ducks, making it easier for the toxic substances in onions to irritate their organs.

Onions contain sulfur and sulfuric compounds, which are harmful to water birds that have important respiratory filaments in their beaks.

They can cause temporary nasal discharge, inflammation of the nasal cavities, irritation of the nares and eyes, headache, and lachrymation.

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In addition to these symptoms, there may be difficulty breathing as well as muscle spasms due to onions’ toxicity levels.

What Are Other Poisonous Foods For Ducks?

Other than onions, there are some other foods that are poisonous to ducks and are mentioned below. So make sure to avoid the following poisonous foods to serve to ducks as it is harmful to them.

  • Fish

​Ducks are very particular about their diet and will often avoid eating certain foods even when those foods are available.

The problem with fish is that some fishes contain high levels of mercury, which can lead to tremors or paralysis in the long term. Some diseases from fish consumption include ciguatera and gill disease.

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  • Rhubarb

Dried or fresh rhubarb leaves contain oxalic acid, which can harm a duck’s digestive system. No matter how many times you try to feed them this plant, they will still instinctively avoid it as much as possible.

  • Fatty Foods

If you are feeding a loquacious flock of ducks, you might find yourself in the habit of throwing them bread or other fatty foods.

However, this can make their bodies internally ill because ducks are not built to handle large quantities of fatty foods like potato chips.

They can also cause heart problems and weight gain in these animals. Keep in mind that too much fat will lead to obesity and the risks associated with this condition.

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  • Chocolate

While a sweet treat for humans, chocolate contains theobromine poisonous to birds and animals alike, and it causes hyperactivity, vomiting, and respiratory distress in waterfowl.

  • Grapes

Like chocolate, grapes are also hazardous to animals as they contain cyanide compounds that can kill a duck within just a few bites.

Also, don’t feed them bread or starch, and they’ll develop a bad gut bacteria called corbicula.

What Vegetables Can Ducks Eat?

Ducks eat a wide variety of vegetables and fruits, and they consume 2% to 5% of their body weight per day on average.

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The duck typically teeters on the line between what is considered good for its digestion and what is good regarding nutrient content. Ducks generally accept vegetables low in moisture and high in fiber as healthy choices.

Ducks will eat any vegetable, but they prefer the green tops of lettuce, cabbage, rutabagas, turnips, celery leaves, and parsley.

Also, succulent fruits such as grapes, apples, pears, plums, carrots, and sweet potatoes can be fed to ducks. You can attract more ducks into your garden with these healthy snacks.

Last Words

As we got to know, ducks can not eat onions properly due to their digestive system, which may result in the severe health condition of the ducks. As mentioned above, always feed them vegetable foods that are not toxic to them.

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