Do Ducks Eat Fish? (Know The Fact)

Ducks are fond of eating different kinds of foods, including vegetables, fruits, etc. Fishes are also considered to be the friendly partners of ducks in the water. Many people have asked the question, do ducks eat fish?

The direct answer to this question is yes, ducks eat fish, and they enjoy eating fish. If you are planning to feed fish to ducks, then you can surely go with this plan. But few things you should keep in mind before serving fish to the ducks.

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Is Fish Safe For Ducks To eat?

Yes, fish is safe for ducks to eat. So if you have a duck in your house, you can serve them Fish as a treat.

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Also, you can give small fishes, which include feeder goldfish, minnows, and guppies, to your pet duck. But, feeding fish to young ducks is not safe because it is very difficult to swallow fish for them.

So, you can serve fish to ducks who are six weeks or older than that. You can also serve them live fish in water, a dish, or a pool having water in it.

They will enjoy eating fish in the water while chasing and catching them in the water. You can also use live feeder fish to serve fish to your duck.

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Nutrition In Fish For Ducks

Fish is a portion of healthy food and has a lot of nutrition for ducks. It is full of essential minerals and vitamins.

If you want your duck to be full of healthy nutrition, add fish to its diet as the main component. Various important nutrition present in fish for your ducks is listed below.

A very high amount of protein is present in fish for ducks. Protein plays a significant role in the growth, development, and maintenance of the immune system of your duck, the production of an egg in your duck, various other biological functions, and the adaptation of your duck to the environment.

Twenty-two percent of the diet of a single duck and other birds is made up of proteins. Different proteins have different effects on ducks.

For example, if the diet of your duck contains protein of high quality and has amino acids, too, then it will result in good and positive effects on the health of the duck.

If you will feed them low-quality protein, then their growth, quality of laying eggs, and feed efficiency will be affected directly. So, for the better health of your duck, you can feed the diet having protein in high quantity.

Fishes are full of various nutrients essential for the growth, development, and health of your duck. A fish’s important nutrients include omega-3 fatty acids, iodine, protein, and vitamin D.

All these quantities are high in quantity and quality. Fishes full of omega-3 fatty acids are mackerel, sardines, salmon, tuna, and trout. These fishes are fatty species.

The fat present in these fishes is good for the functions of your duck’s brain and its optimal body functions also.

These fishes also help in reducing the risk of various inflammatory, deadly and fatal diseases. You can feed fish to your duck two times a week to fulfill the need for omega-3 fatty acids.

Many nutrients found in fish are essential for your ducks’ growth, development, and health. As informed earlier, omega 3 is an essential fatty acid for your ducks’ growth, and the fish can provide it.

DHD (docosahexaenoic acid) or Omega 3 fat is essential for developing the eyes and brains of birds. Hence it is recommended that the diet you give to your birds must contain fish for their better growth and development.

Fish is also an excellent source of vitamin D. Vitamin D is important for boosting the immune system of your duck as it is a steroid hormone.

All fishes are considered as a good source of vitamin D. Still, fishes such as herring and salmon have the greatest content of vitamin D. Use of fish oils, for example, cod liver oil can also be a great source of vitamin D. A single tablespoon can provide 200% of the daily value.

Why Do Ducks Eat Fish?

Ducks are beautiful creatures and can eat any food served to them. They eat fish because of the high quality and low-fat protein present in fish.

They also contain omega-3 fatty acids and some important and useful minerals, vitamins, nutrients, and proteins for the growth and development of ducks.

All these things help ducks in getting long-lasting energy which helps them in doing their daily tasks. Ducks mostly like to eat small fish.

Weather conditions also affect the duck’s diet, but still, they pick fish to eat. Fish are high in protein, and fatty acids, which are essential for the duck’s nourishment.

Protein and fatty acids are essential for healthy growth, strength, muscle development, breeding, and much more.

Diving ducks eat fish in larger quantities than the other duck. For chasing fish and frogs to eat, they can go underwater and also swim in the water.

Do Ducks Like To Eat Fish?

Yes, ducks like to eat fish. The diet of the Ducks who live in shady marsh habitats includes fish and amphibians.

The diet of the ducks who live in grassy areas includes grains, grasses, fish, etc. Dabbling ducks eat less amount of fish than diving duck.

Diving ducks can eat more fish because they can eat deeper in ponds and seawater. Most of the part of the duck’s diet consists of fish, especially the small ones.

But, their diet still depends on the region where they live and depends on their breed. If they live in such an area where flies, fruits, worms, etc., are the only option to eat, then the duck’s diet will be these things.

Along with this, if you have a pet duck, you can serve them fish after buying from the market or after catching it from a river. Fishes are full of acids and proteins that are necessary for the health and growth of a duck. Their diet does not only depend on fish. They can also eat eggs of fish and fish food.

How Do Ducks Eat Fish?

Cayuga, Runners, and Pekins, domestic ducks prefer fish, algae, and other water animals to eat. For chasing fish, frogs, newts, and other water animals to eat, ducks go underwater and swim in the water.

A duck’s diet can be improved by plants, fish, acorns, seeds, bugs, and algae. They will love to eat them as extra snacks if you give them poultry feed by locking them up. For the production of better eggs, happy ducks are the main key.

How Often Do Ducks Eat Fish?

Baby ducks require food frequently as their digestion of food is very fast. However, young ducklings will always be available when you give them food of their choice.

Feed ducklings at least three times a day. It is good to reserve a feeding period for adult ducks, like once in the morning and the evening, but this is not applicable to ducklings. You need to give them food frequently in a day, not according to the feeding period.

How Much Do Ducks Eat Fish?

Mature ducks should consume about 170-200 grams of their daily diet. The diet of those ducks who are being raised for eggs should increase by several ounces on a daily basis, as well as for those ducks too that are raised as meat birds.

Benefits of Feeding Fish To Ducks

There are various benefits of feeding fish to your ducks. Some of them are listed below:

  1. Fish is a high source of protein for ducks.
  2. Fish are rich in essential nutrients that are important for the growth of your ducks. 
  3. For a duck’s diet, fish is an excellent source of vitamin D.
  4. Fish can reduce the chance of inflammatory disorders in ducks. 
  5. Fish also help in boosting the immune system of ducks.
  6. Along with this, fish also decrease the danger of fatal diseases in ducks like autoimmune diseases. Such a type of disease can be deadly for your ducks.
  7. There is almost no harmful fat for your ducks in fish, and it has a good amount of protein which helps them in growing efficiently.
  8. The hunger of your duck is easily satisfied after eating fish as the energy that your ducks obtain from eating fish is long-lasting. 
  9. Calcium is also present in fishes that are very for female ducks. They can lay eggs effectively and help in strengthening their eggshells. 

What Kind of Ducks Eat Fish?

Various types of birds can eat fish. Some of them are listed below.

  • Domestic ducks and wild ducks both can eat fish.
  • Domestic ducks who eat fish include Cayuga and Pekins. Along with fish, they can also eat small aquatic plants and animals.
  • Wild ducks can live both on land and near water or on water. They can eat both small and large-sized fish. They can also eat other water animals around or inside water and worms, etc.
  • One more type of duck that floats on water to eat fish is the merganser. These ducks are streamlined ducks and are fond of eating fish. Mergansers ducks can eat fish on a daily basis, and fish do not cause any harm to them. Most of the part of their diet depends on fish. Their narrow beak helps them in feeding on fish. These ducks are not bound to eat only small fish, and they can eat large fish along with the small ones regularly.
  • Another duck fond of eating fish is the marine duck which love to eat koi and marigold.
  • Mallard ducks can also eat fish. But they can only eat small fish. The fish they cannot eat is the large one which includes goldfish and koi.

Do Mallard Ducks Eat Fish?

Yes, mallard ducks do eat Fish. These ducks are one of those ducks that are very common in this world. You will see them everywhere, like in parks and for domestication purposes (ducks are found in large amounts), etc.

There was a time when mallard ducks were only known because of eating grains, seeds, insects, and plants. But then, mallard ducks were discovered eating fish.

They are not much fond of eating fish like other ducks. You will rarely see them feeding on fish in a park or near a pond. Mallard ducks can only eat small fish easily.

They do not eat large-sized fish like koi, goldfish, etc. But some of them do eat large fish, but it is not very common in their diet.

Do Pekin Ducks Eat Fish?

Yes, Pekin ducks eat Fish. These ducks are the most loved and common in this world. Like other ducks, most of the diet depends on grains, seeds, insects, and fish if they live in a wild habitat.

But if you have Pekin ducks as pet animals, there are fewer chances that they will eat fish. And if you want, then you can feed fish your Pekin ducks.

While feeding them fish, you should take all precautionary measures so they will not get any inflammatory, deadly and fatal disease from the pond.

Do Ducks Eat Fish Food?

Yes, along with fish, the duck does eat fish food and pallets floating in ponds. Fish food is a very healthy and perfect treat for duck’s health, growth, and development. When ducks are almost one week old, then you can feed them fish food along with pallets.

Do Ducks Eat Fish Eggs?

Yes, the duck does eat fish eggs. I truly mean it when I say that ducks love to eat fish eggs. Because there are many benefits of fish eggs and fish oil as it contains many nutritious minerals and vitamins.

These minerals and vitamins are essential for the growth, health, and development of ducks. It is also used as a treatment for inflammatory and fatal diseases of ducks.

Do Ducks Eat Fish In Ponds?

Yes, ducks do eat fish in ponds. You can feed fish from your pond to your ducks. Fish is the favorite food of ducks, and they love eating live or freshwater fish.

A diet containing fresh food is good for duck’s health, growth and development, and live fish is one of them.

But, you have to be careful when your ducks feed on live fish in ponds because some viral bacteria are present in ponds that can harm ducks and cause various bacterial diseases.

In addition to harmful bacteria, some pollutants are also present in the pond, which can also become the reason for various viral or bacterial diseases in your ducks.

So, the best option to feed them live fish is to grow fish in your pond and take care of the pond water on a daily basis. You need to change or clean your pond’s water to prevent any fatal and deadly disease that can cause harmful bacteria.


I hope that your doubt about do ducks eat fish is now cleared after reading this whole post. Also, a few queries are answered above. If you are feeding them fish, then you need to feed them in a proper way.

You can use the methods discussed above to feed them fish. They will eat fish without any hesitation if served in a proper way so that they can easily eat.

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