What Do Baby Finches Eat?

Finches are fond of eating various foods, including seeds, vegetables, fruits, and more. But baby finches can not eat those foods due to their size and age. Hence many of you have questions that what do baby finches eat.

Baby finches can eat infant food with the proper mixture of seeds and baby bird food, and millet. Baby finch food formula is a good option to feed them. For feeding them, you need to be cautious and use a proper way to feed baby finches.

What Do Finches Feed Their Babies?

Birds are much different than mammals. Since they do not have breasts that produce milk, they feed their babies a much different kind of food. Baby finches can not eat immediately after their birth.

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Baby Finch Foods

When they are one week old, their parents feed them whatever is available at that time. After one week, parent finches feed them seeds.

When they are three weeks old, parent finches give them some small insects. When they are 4 to 5 weeks old, they can eat on their own, and the food they can eat includes seeds, insects, fruits, berries, and vegetables.

The finch feeds its young with a certain type of millet grain, but it can vary depending on the species. The bird typically regurgitates the millet back up to the baby, who swallows it whole or sometimes picks at it until bits are small enough to swallow.

Some birds also give insects to their babies, which are easier to digest than seeds, but this is done less often because there are not as many insects available for parents to catch.

What Do Newborn Baby Finches Eat?

A baby finch or any other baby bird is born with a full set of teeth and can eat any soft foods. Very young baby finches, from one to three weeks old, are dependent on their parents for food.

They eat whatever their parent gives them. And baby finches older than four to five weeks do not depend on their parents for food.

They can eat various foods like bird seeds, sunflower seeds, kernels, millets, fruits, berries, vegetables, insects like worms, etc.

After five weeks, they move to a new stage known as the juvenile stage, where they have to feed on their own. They can fly at that stage and can go to different areas to eat food.

Can You Feed Baby Finches?

If parents or baby finches are not there, you have to keep an eye on them. Now, you are a new mom. So, yes, you can feed baby finches.

There are many ways to take on this task, but the most tried-and-true technique is to start slowly. First, offer your finch some food if it comes near.

Then, when that first finch gets used to eating from the same bowl as its peers, try letting other birds eat from it too.

If baby finches are very small, you have to hand-feed them as they cannot feed themselves. And for this purpose, you can use an eyedropper, a syringe, or any other dropper to feed baby finches.

After feeding them, clean them well with warm water and wash the utensils you used to feed baby finches.

What To Feed Baby Finches?

Whether you have found a baby finch in your yard or you have seen one up close in the pet store, it is important to know what kind of food is appropriate for these little birds.

So here are a few pointers on what they eat and how to provide for them. Baby finches have very specific needs when it comes to their diets, which is why the following information will come in handy when figuring out what they should eat.

You can mix water with some infant food to make a thick solution for baby finches to eat. You can also serve seeds and millet to baby finches only when the baby finches have fully feathered. At that time, their beaks become more rigid, and they can easily eat food like seeds.

How To Make Baby Finch Foods?

There are many recipes that you can follow for making food for baby finches. The easiest recipe that you follow is adding two ingredients only, one is pet food, and the second is water.

Mix any pet food in water and make a thick and runny mixture of it. It should be thick enough that your baby finches easily take and digest it.

Baby Finch Food Formula

Baby finch food formulas are specially crafted to meet the dietary needs of baby finch. They contain a variety of nutrients and vitamins required by young birds, such as fruits and seeds.

The precise formulations vary according to the type of bird you want to feed, such as domestic chicks or wild birds.

These foods also help improve feather quality, endurance, and energy levels in baby finches without upsetting their delicate digestive systems. Baby finch food formulas can be purchased online or at your local pet store nearest you.

Homemade Baby Finch Foods

Suppose you are interested in raising baby finches at home but do not want to buy commercial food, then you should know how to make homemade baby finch foods.

Finches are petite birds that eat a wide variety of seeds, fruits, and green plants. While it may be tempting to feed these birds store-bought finch food mixes, there’s no need!

Instead, finches thrive on simple ingredients like oats and green beans. Homemade baby finch food is far better than baby finch food that you buy from the market as they are less expensive and are freshly prepared at home.

How To Feed Baby Finches? 

It seems like a simple task when you’re watching baby finches when suddenly one of them is struggling to try to eat from the feeder.

Of course, you want to help, but the moment you take the child’s finch in your hands and start feeding, they squirm and try to get away.

It looks like all you can do is watch as it eats its fill and then runs around in circles on the floor with its companion.

Different methods can be used to feed baby finches. Two of these methods are hand feeding and feeding in a bowl which is explained below:

How To Hand Feed Baby Finches?

Hand-feeding is used for baby finches who are newborns or one to two weeks old. If parent finches are not for them to feed the babies some food, then it is on you to help them.

As they are very small, they cannot feed themselves and cannot go anywhere searching for food. So, you have to hand-feed them, so they grow healthy. Here is what you need to know about hand-feeding baby finches.

  1. Hold them firmly yet gently by their wings with both hands.
  2. Use a syringe or an eyedropper to feed baby finches.
  3. After feeding food, make sure you clean them and their beak also. Because if the food is left on the body, germs can attack them and get them ill. And if the food is left on their beak, they will face difficulty opening their beak. It is because the food is in liquid form, and it dries off with time. So clean them well with warm water and a soft cloth gently.
  4. One more thing, do not forget to wash the apparatus that you use for feeding the baby finch.

How To Feed Baby Finches In The Bowl?

Baby finches after two weeks of their age can easily feed on themselves. But still at that age food should be provided to them as they cannot search for their food. Here is how you can feed your baby finches in the bowl.

  1. Place food for baby finches in bowls and place it near them. 
  2. After that, put that bowl with food for baby finches near them. 
  3. When they are hungry, they will move to the bowl by themself and then start feeding.
  4. Do not forget to remove the food from the bowl after they have eaten the food. If you do not do this, harmful bacteria will attack them, and baby finches will get ill.

How Often To Feed Baby Finches?

Baby finches should be fed five to six times a day. It means you have to feed them after every 3 to 4 hours. Parent finches follow this pattern of feeding baby finches, so if you take care of baby finches, you also have to follow this pattern.

But the frequency and amount of the feed for baby finches depends on their age and the food you are serving them. Younger birds feed more than older birds.

Baby finches less than one week old should be fed six to ten times a day, which means you have to feed them after every 2 to 3 hours. After one week, if baby finches have not opened their eyes yet, you can feed them five to six, as mentioned above.

When they open their eyes go for 3 to 5 feedings in a day, which means you can feed them after every 5 hours. After three weeks, they grow older, and their feathers start to grow.

At this stage, you have to feed them 2 to 3 times a day, which means you have to feed them every 6 hours. Never feed them while sleeping, which is 10 pm to 6 am.

What Do Baby Finches Drink?

We humans often forget that while adult finches can often eat seeds or berries or insects to get their nutrition during summertime when there is no freshwater around, baby finches need at least some water to drink.

Finches can die if they don’t get enough to drink. Below are the best ways for you to provide your chickadees with the fluids they’ll need:

  • Put a dropper full of sugar water on their food every day. It will give them some liquid and also replace salt and minerals that would otherwise be lost in droppings.

How Long Can Baby Finches Live Without Food?

A baby finch can live longer without food than a baby hummingbird. Baby finches are capable of staying alive for over two weeks.

It is because finches have a faster metabolism which helps them to use up their energy faster. As a result, they use up all their energy and sleep for extended periods of time.

As they sleep, the lower parts of their beaks fall off and are replaced by new ones that grow at the base of the tongue inside the mouth.

The old beaks become covered in fungus and other bacteria, so they cannot eat any more food, but they continue sleeping without feeling hunger or thirst during these times.

After about five weeks, they just about stop moving around. So it will go on until the one-week mark when they start turning yellow with blue/gray feathers.

What Do House Baby Finches Eat?

House baby finches are not picky eaters by nature, and their diet varies slightly depending on their development stage.

You can serve small mashed bugs to house baby finches occasionally. You can add seeds to them to give them a new taste.

This diet is enough for a house baby finch of two weeks. Bugs are the perfect diet as they provide proteins, which help the house baby finch grow healthy.

After two weeks, feed them seeds in crushed form. You can place them in their cage along with the water container. You can place it in bowls as they are young enough to jump into the bowls to get their food.

The food items that house baby finches can feed on weed seeds (mustard), oak, sunflower seeds (small), dandelion seeds, cherries, apricots, plums, peaches, pears, mulberries, figs, blackberries, strawberries, and suet.

What Do Baby Goldfinches Eat?

Baby goldfinches can eat both insects and spiders. They usually find their food by sitting on a branch and waiting for it to fly.
Then they catch the insect or spider in mid-air with another quick movement of their beak. They eat it quickly, presumably without any chewing needed because of its small size.
Baby goldfinch parents give their young two meals a day from the time they leave the nest until they have mastered flying well enough that they can hunt on their own.

Final Words

Feeding baby finches need a proper diet guide. Many people have doubts about what baby finches eat and how to feed them. The proper diet guide for feeding them in a proper way with perfect foods is discussed above in the article.

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