What Birds Eat Olives? (Birds List That Eat Olives)

As we know, fruits, seeds, vegetables, and insects are parts of many birds’ diets, but olives are not that simple food, and hence many people have posted questions on various online platforms about what birds eat olives?

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What Type of Birds Eat Olives?

Olives are suitable for birds’ diets. So many birds like to eat olives. Some of them are discussed below with their olive-eating behavior.

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Starlings are birds that belong to the family of Sturnidae. They are small to medium-sized. The feet are powerful. That’s why they fly direct with a strong flight. Mostly they like to fly in flocks. That is why we can also call them gregarious due to their nature.

We can understand their olives liking that it is said that starlings can eat 5 kilograms of olives just in one day which could create a severe problem for the peasants.

On the other side, some types of parrots like to eat olives. It is important to mention here that not all types or species of parrots eat olives there are some particular species like Quakers and parakeets, including European birds who like to eat olives.

It is also important to know what type of olives they like to eat. Then the answer to this obvious question is that giving them raw green olives is not desirable. They will consider unpleasant of it.

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Can Wild Birds Eat Olives?

In the wild, yes, wild birds eat olives. When olives rip up, they attract many wild birds, and they like to eat them. Olives are nutritiously good, but it is not correct to say that every nutritious fruit or diet is good and suits everyone.

Everyone has different needs for food according to their body structure and metabolism system. Similarly, this condition exists in birds too. It is not compulsory that every fruit or food they like would be good for their health.

This is the same case with olives. Olives are a good source of sodium and fat that would be helpful in weight gaining.

Still, its dark side also exists that birds could be caught in different problems like fatty liver disease, obesity, and weight gain problem due to excess use of olives.

It’s not a big deal. After getting the information about olives, we will proceed toward the birds that eat olives because, as mentioned above, not every bird eats olives.

But, if birds eat olives in a limit like 1 to 2 olives in a day, it will be ok. So some of the birds who eat olives, about them we will state here.


Quakers belong to the parrot’s family. They are a species of parrots that eat olives. They try to avoid the bitterness of raw green olives as their taste is unpleasant for them. For solving this problem, they adopt the behavior of swallowing them whole.

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When they swallow the whole olive, its bitterness is not tasted by them. In this process, they get the nutrients of olives without tasting the bitterness.

When we talk about black olives, they are less bitter than green olives because they ripen up completely. Due to little bitterness, Quakers like to eat them more.


Just like Quakers, parakeets are also a species of parrots and similarly have ample chances to eat olives.

They have the same behavior of eating olives like the Quakers. Parakeets are also used to swallow whole green olives to avoid their bitter taste. However, you should not feed them olives often.

Black olives they like most to eat, and they attract more to them as compared to raw green olives.


Starlings are another example of a bird that eats olives. They can eat more olives as compared to the birds as mentioned above, Quakers and parakeets.

They can give a serious threat to farmers because of their olives-eating behavior because they can eat olives 5 kg in a day. When a farmer loses 5 kg of olives daily, it will become an alarming situation for him within a few days.

European birds

European birds are also found to eat olives. They are also part of the list of birds that eat olives in good quantity. They eat both black and green olives.


Blackbirds are avid eaters of olives. They can eat a full olive in just a single bite and digest them. They are 24 to 25 cm tall and completely covered with jet-black feathers on their body. The color of their beak is yellow-orange.

They love so much to eat olives that if we say they are rivals of humans’ in eating olives, then it could not be wrong.

Do Australian Birds Eat Olives?

There is a huge variety of Australian birds. According to the numbers, the average minimum number of birds in Australia is 9,000, and if we see the maximum range of birds in Australia, it is 9,990.

One of the most famous birds in Australia is the cockatoo. And cockatoo does not eat olives because olives are not safe for all birds and nor liked by all birds.

Can Crows eat olives?

The answer to this question is yes, crows can eat olives without thinking twice, and they also share while eating olives. They are fond of eating olives. Whenever they see any olives, they grab them with their beak and eat them.


Apart from the popular birds mentioned above, more birds can eat olives and benefit from the nutrition present in the olives. However, you need to be careful while feeding olives to birds because overfeeding olives can cause serious health problems.

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