Can Birds Eat Spinach? (Know Facts & What Birds Eat?)

Spinach is a widely known vegetable consumed by humans and animals. Birds are known to eat different kinds of foods, including fruits, seeds, worms, and many more. Many bird pet owners wanted to know, can birds eat spinach?

The direct answer to this question is yes, and birds can eat spinach without any hesitation. You can feed them spinach with a proper diet schedule. Please read below to know how to feed them spinach properly.

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Is Spinach Safe For Birds?

Yes, spinach is completely safe for birds and also has various benefits for them. Spinach is known to contain Vitamin C, Vitamin A, and Calcium. Along with these things, it is rich in potassium and manganese, which are also good nutrients for the bird.

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Spinach also contains iron for healthy blood cells and metabolic function in birds. It is recommended for birds to eat spinach since it is an easily digestible plant.

Birds love to eat vegetables like spinach because it is an excellent source of vitamins, proteins, and various minerals. All these are essential for the health of a bird.

They are also very important in maintaining a bird’s energy level, so it is good to have some vegetables every day. If you see your bird is not interested in eating spinach, then other safe vegetables can be given to them.

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What Birds Eat Spinach?

Many different birds eat spinach, but there’s no really clear answer on how many of them there are. It seems like an impossible question to answer, even with all the information we have about birds.

So, according to some research, there are thirty-seven different species of birds that eat spinach.

These species include, but are not limited to, the Greater Rhea. This article will list other birds that love to eat spinach, including parrots, toucans, swifts, canaries, budgies, parakeets, etc.


Parrots do eat spinach. This is because spinach is full of nutrients for parrots and is a leafy green vegetable. Spinach is one of the most nutritious foods for parrots.

Parrots get omega-3 fatty acids and some important vitamins from spinach. Spinach is also low in fats which is a plus for parrots.


Spinach has a lot of benefits for budgies as spinach does have a lot of important nutrients in them like vitamin A which helps in better eye-sight, hearing, and bone health of budgies. In addition, spinach also has vitamin C, calcium, and vitamin E.


Swifts do eat spinach but only in a moderate amount. If you feed a lot of spinach to swifts, they may get ill, which is not a good thing. Never serve spinach to swifts on a daily basis because it is high in oxalates and can harm swifts.


Parakeets also eat spinach in both chopped form and as a whole leaf as it is a common food to offer them. Spinach has vitamins A, B, C, and K that keep parakeets healthy and strong.

There is no need to cut the stem attached to the spinach as parakeets can also eat them. Leafy green spinach can be harmful only if it is not washed well and has many pesticides.

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How To Feed Spinach To Birds?

There are various ways that you can feed spinach to birds. First, you should use a leafy vegetable like spinach which will provide an extra dose of nutrients.

Second, if your feeder is outside, you can place two leaves at the end of it. It will attract more birds and keep them fitter and healthier while they are feeding.

You can also make a spinach salad with freshly chopped vegetables and serve it inside their houses or on the ground below bird feeders. It will be healthy, highly rich vitamin meals while also giving the birds something to explore with their beaks and tongues.

The other method you can use to feed spinach to birds is listed below step by step.

  1. Fill a bowl with fresh, clean water and set it on the ground 
  2. Place the spinach in the middle of this bowl 
  3. Slowly pour just enough warm water into your bowl that will cover and submerge your spinach leaves 
  4. The birds will flock over to eat

After that, remove excess spinach from the bird feeder.

How Often & How Much To Feed Birds Spinach?

Depending on their species and individual needs, you can try feeding your birds one half an ounce to one ounce of spinach each day.

Birds can not digest cellulose in large numbers. It means that plants with high cellulose content, like spinach, are better for your other pets or wildlife that live in your backyard.

However, if a bird eats too much of that kind of vegetable, it may get an intestinal blockage from undigested plant matter.

As we know, spinach is not good for all birds, so if you want to give your feathered friends some greens, try iceberg lettuces which have a lower nutritional value but are easier for birds to eat.

How Do I Get My Bird To Eat Spinach?

It is widely known that birds will not eat green vegetables, but it is also popular that they need to eat vegetables.

So what do you do if your bird refuses to even look at the spinach on your plate? Use this list of tips and tricks to get your feathered friend to start eating more greens and enjoy healthier meals.

  1. Try mixing the spinach with other healthy snacks like seeds or oats.
  2. Serve it in a completely different dish, like pasta or pizza.
  3. Sprinkle food coloring into the food so they can’t see their meal. This trick might be too advanced for less imaginative birds.
  4. Spray them with water every time they try to take a bite so they can smell the leaves through their beaks.

Can Birds Eat Oats?

Can Birds Eat Raw Spinach?

Some birds can eat raw spinach, but it has to be prepared in a specific way. Birds should be fed a diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and other plant matter.

Refined carbohydrates are not recommended for birds because they are difficult for them to digest when their digestive system is not fully developed.

A necessary part of giving your bird a healthy adult diet is raw spinach. As long as the leaves are properly cooked before feeding them to your bird, many species can safely consume raw spinach without harmful effects.

Can Cockatiels Eat Spinach?

Yes, cockatiels can eat spinach. But they are mostly seed eaters and should be fed with a quality parrot seed mix, fresh vegetables and fruit, and occasional treats of unsalted nuts or grated cheese.

Well, while cockatiels usually need a diet of mostly seeds and twigs (and anything else they find in their habitat), some nutrients can be found in certain types of vegetables.

For example, spinach contains calcium and vitamin A. Making sure your pet bird has access to these nutrients will help keep them healthy and strong! There’s no question that cockatiels love eating vegetables like spinach. They also like things like apples and tomatoes.

Can Parakeets Eat Spinach?

A parakeet is a type of bird that naturally eats tiny seeds or grain. But, when it comes to dark-colored spinach, parakeets love to eat them without any hesitation, and spinach is one of the favorite vegetables of parakeets.

As discussed earlier above in this post, there is more information given on this topic.

Final Words

Spinach is one of the most consumed vegetables by people across the world. If you are planning to share spinach with birds, you can surely go for this without any hesitation.

Most birds will enjoy eating spinach. Always, use a proper method for feeding birds spinach with a diet schedule.

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