Can Bluebirds Eat Peanuts? (Safe or Not?)

Bluebirds are fond of eating mealworms, fruits, and insects. Peanuts are not on the favorite food list of many birds. Also, many people have asked the question, can bluebirds eat peanuts?

The direct answer to this query is yes, and bluebirds can eat peanuts without any hesitation. Few things you should keep in mind before serving them peanuts are discussed below.

Table of Contents:

  1. Are Peanuts Safe for Bluebirds?
  2. How To Feed Bluebirds Peanuts?
  3. How Often To Feed Bluebirds Peanuts & How Much?
  4. Will Bluebirds Eat Shelled Peanuts?
  5. Do Bluebirds Like Peanut Butter?
  6. Final Thoughts

Are Peanuts Safe for Bluebirds?

Yes, bluebirds can eat peanuts. Peanuts are safe for them. Roasted peanuts that do not have sugar and salt are the healthiest peanuts for the bluebird. You should avoid offering raw peanuts to the bluebird.

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Also, there are some types of peanuts that you should not provide to the bluebird. Peanuts that should not be offered to bluebirds include salted, flavored, seasoned, smoked, and those containing a chocolate or candy coating.

This entire peanut list should not be provided to the bluebirds. These peanuts can be dangerous for bluebirds.

How To Feed Bluebirds Peanuts?

You can feed peanuts in a tray feeder so that bluebirds do not need too much effort to eat.

Poor quality peanuts consist of aflatoxin fungus that can kill the bird. Always check while purchasing the peanuts. Aflatoxin is a carcinogen that is very toxic for birds.

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Peanuts that you are feeding to the bluebird must be aflatoxin-free. You must buy the peanuts from a trusted shop.

The best option to serve peanuts is that you must serve the peanuts in a rigid mesh feeder. This is because large pieces of peanuts are dangerous in the diet of baby birds.

It would be best if you would not offer whole peanuts to the bluebirds during the breeding season because the parents can feed these peanuts to their chick, and complete peanuts can choke on them.

While serving the peanut, you must crush them into small pieces before putting them in a tray.

How Often To Feed Bluebirds Peanuts & How Much?

You can serve peanuts to bluebirds two times a day. Roasted peanuts are a good option for bluebirds as they are very healthy for them.

Bluebirds feed on peanuts only in winter because, in other seasons, these birds only feed on insects and buggies, etc. These bluebirds feed on peanuts to survive in winter, as peanut is not their favorite food.

They will eat a few peanuts which are needed for their proper functioning in life. The peanuts are very costly to serve the birds.

Sometimes, you may get irritated because of the price. During this situation, you can serve peanuts by mixing them with other seeds, such as sunflower seeds.

Will Bluebirds Eat Shelled Peanuts?

Yes, bluebirds can eat shelled peanuts. They do not find any difficulty in swallowing this. Some species of birds, such as bluebirds, love to eat peanuts in a shell.

These birds became the reason that people selected shelled peanuts for their birds. Some people prefer that shelled peanuts are a better option than simple peanuts.

But the size of peanuts should be pea-sized while feeding to bluebirds because they can eat only this size of food. Bluebirds can take advantage by taking a high amount of protein from the peanut.

Peanuts are a great source of protein, fiber, and fat. They also contain large amounts of phosphorus, potassium, vitamin B, and magnesium. All these substances play an essential role in the growth of bluebirds.

It is very important to note that bluebirds only feed on peanuts in winter when they do not have anything to eat. It would be best to feed your bluebird raw peanuts because the salted and flavored peanuts can be dangerous for birds’ health.

Do Bluebirds Like Peanut Butter?

Yes, bluebirds like to eat peanut butter, as we know that bluebirds eat food as a whole. They can eat pea-sized food. That peanut butter is smeared on the tree, and bluebirds can eat them.

As bluebirds are not addicted to eating while clinging, they eat better when food is served on the ground. For suet, peanut butter is a good substitute.

With five parts of cornmeal, mix one amount of peanut butter, then you can serve this mixture to the bluebirds. Peanut butter is a good protein food for bluebirds.

You can take the peanut from the bark of a tree or the cones of slather pine, and then you can efficiently serve this butter seed by dipping it in the bird food.

Final Thoughts

If you are planning to feed bluebirds peanuts, you proceed with the plan, and there is no doubt that bluebirds can eat peanuts. However, you have to feed them in a proper way, so there is no chance of harming them with the food.

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