Can Cardinals Eat Almonds? (Know The Fact)

Cardinals can eat different types of foods, including fruits, seeds, etc. But dry fruits are different and especially almonds. Many people have asked questions on the topic, can cardinals eat almonds?

The direct answer to this question is yes, cardinals can eat almonds without any hesitation, and they enjoy eating almonds. If you are planning to feed them almonds, then you should feed them properly, as discussed below.

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Are Almonds Safe For Cardinals?

Yes, almonds are safe for cardinals. They serve as a favorite tasty food. Cardinals eat almonds as a treat. Almonds are considered to be one of the favorite foods of cardinals.

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Almonds contain high-fat content and proteins. Generally, almonds are safe for cardinals. The common types of nuts such as peanuts, walnut, almond, and hazelnut are safe for the health of cardinals.

For the whole year, almonds are readily available in the market. But these nuts are mainly available in the holiday season. Almonds have the necessary ingredients for the growth of cardinals.

Because of the presence of almonds in the diet of cardinals, they are very active as they move from tree to tree or shrub to shrub. Cardinals do not live at low levels of ground.

They live at least 20 feet from the ground. If you are searching for them to serve the almonds, you should serve them at higher levels from the ground.

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Do Cardinals Like To Eat Nuts?

Yes, nuts are their favorite food as they are delicious. They can quickly eat all common types of nuts. In northern areas, cardinals have thick and strong beaks, which is excellent for eating all kinds of nuts.

Cardinals love to eat crushed peanuts. The liking of nuts for cardinals is because of the reason that they are delicious. Cardinals can eat the nuts as a treat.

Some of the cardinals can eat the shell of peanuts, just like if it is candy. But the Northern cardinals cannot eat peanut that has a shell over it.

They like to eat unshelled peanuts. This is because their beaks are not made in such a way that they can open the giant shell.

How To Serve Almonds To Cardinals In The Garden or The backyard?

One of the most desired backyard birds of all time is the Northern cardinal. You can play beautiful songs with vibrant plumage if you want to serve almonds in the garden or the backyard.

With a few simple strategies and techniques, you can attract cardinals to your garden.

For solving almonds to Northern cardinals, you do not have to put in so much effort because these cardinals are non-migratory. Once they have made up their mind that your yard is their home, you can efficiently serve them all types of nuts.

Once the cardinals are attracted to your yard, it is elementary for you to serve the almonds.

You can use proper feeders according to the cardinal’s choice. Hanging feeders must be a good choice.

The almonds must be present in the right place. You can put almonds near the shrubbery trees in your garden. Cardinals should avoid salted nuts as salt is not suitable for their health of cardinals.

How Often & How Much Can Cardinals Eat Almonds?

Cardinals can eat almonds as a tasty treat. As cardinals are known as ground feeders, they hop on the ground in search of food. Cardinals, along with other birds, like to eat nuts, especially peanuts.

These peanuts, nuts, and almonds can be given to the cardinals two times a week. Please do not give cardinals nuts that have salts in them because the presence of sodium in their food can harm birds’ health.

In the late autumn through spring, you can feel free to serve crushed peanuts and walnut. This makes the food less energy-consuming in cold months.

For the colder months, almonds, nuts, and peanuts are a great option because they contain a large amount of energy that helps the bird survive in that season.

What Kind Of Nuts Do Cardinals Eat?

Cardinals can eat all the common types of nuts such as those given below.

  • Hazelnut
  • Almond
  • Peanuts
  • Walnut

As all these nuts are rich in protein and fats, eating nuts is safe for the cardinals. Protein and fats are essential for the health of cardinals.

Those peanuts which are roasted are better than those peanuts which are raw. This is because raw peanuts have a trypsin inhibitor. This substance is hazardous if cardinals eat those peanuts too much.

Some of the cardinals also eat peanuts with shells as they have a strong beaks. But commonly, all the common nut types can be consumed by cardinals. Salty nuts should also be avoided as sodium is dangerous for the health of cardinals.

Final Words

You can serve almonds to cardinals, and they will eat almonds without hesitation. But it would be best if you will keep a few things in mind before serving almonds, as discussed above in the article. The number of almonds to be served to them should be moderate.

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