What Birds Eat Spiders? (List of Birds That Eat Spiders)

As most people know, vegetables, fruits, seeds, and insects are parts of a bird’s diet, and spiders are out-of-the-box things. Hence many people have asked questions on different online platforms about what birds eat spiders?

Table of Contents:

  1. What Kind of Birds Eat Spiders?
  2. Do Garden Birds Eat Spiders?
  3. Do Wild Birds Eat Spiders?
  4. Popular Birds That Eat Spiders
  5. How Do Birds Find Spiders?
  6. How Do You Attract Birds That Eat Spiders?
  7. How Often & How Much Do Birds Eat Spiders?
  8. Can Parrots Eat Spiders?
  9. Do Hummingbirds Eat Spiders?
  10. Do Chameleon Birds Eat Spiders?
  11. Last Words

What Kind of Birds Eat Spiders?

A massive amount of insectivorous birds can eat spiders. All these birds include bluebirds, sparrows, crows, wrens, and blackbirds.

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A bird known as a European cousin of chickadee called blue tit can also feed on spiders. This blue tit eats a large number of spiders for its babies.

They eat all the spiders before they get ready to leave the nest. So, it is a fact that all the birds that feed on insects can eat spiders.

Do Garden Birds Eat Spiders?

Yes, garden birds can eat spiders. For example, bluebirds, sparrows, and crows can eat spiders. These birds like to eat spiders because it is delicious food for them.

These birds eat spiders as their food because there is a presence of taurine in the spider. This taurine is an amino acid that helps in the development, reducing anxiety, better eyesight, and increased intelligence in birds.

All these birds eat spiders to increase their growth and development, be brave and get their intelligence.

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Do Wild Birds Eat Spiders?

Yes, wild birds also eat spiders. These are the most common birds in the United States of America. For example, wrens and robins regularly feed on spiders.

But the wild birds, which are very small in size, should keep in their mind that they can also get in the sticky webs as spiders can also feed on them in this situation.

But it is also a fact that spiders rarely feed on birds. All the wild birds that can feed on insects can eat the spiders whenever they are found.

Here are the following birds that can eat spiders without hesitation.

  • Blue tits

To its chicks, blue tits can feed on a large number of spiders. They eat almost all the spiders before leaving the nest.

  • Sparrow

Sparrows also feed on spiders when they do not find any other food.

  • Crow

The eating habit of a crow is the same as that of a sparrow. It also feeds on spiders when they do not have any other food.

  • Blackbird

The typical diet of blackbirds includes spiders. It means that they eat spiders regularly.

  • Jackdaws

Jackdaw likes to eat every food found above the ground at two and eight mm in length. So, they also feed on spiders.

  • Barn Swallows

Barn Swallows are known to eat insects such as spiders. They hunt spiders to serve food to the baby birds.

  • Wrens

Wrens are great consumers of a spider as they love to eat spiders. They can quickly consume the spiders whenever they find spiders.

  • Hummingbirds

Hummingbirds usually prefer to eat tiny spiders. But the interesting fact about hummingbirds is that more enormous spiders can eat them.

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How Do Birds Find Spiders?

  • Some of the birds like to hunt spiders. Some of them do not take an effort as they think it is not very helpful.
  • If the bird is very fast in flight, it can catch the spider very quickly.
  • Many birds like to avoid the spider web because of previous experience or the danger.
  • Many birds that are not fast in their flight can search in spider webs.

How Do You Attract Birds That Eat Spiders?

  • To attract the birds that eat spiders, you can plant low-length shrubs, for example, American beautyberry.
  • You can also leave nesting material, food, and sources of cover, for example, brush piles in your garden or yard. This can help in attracting the birds that eat spiders.
  • You can also install a birdbath in your garden or yard.
  • It would be best if you will hang a birdhouse in the garden.

How Often & How Much Do Birds Eat Spiders?

Annually, birds can eat 400 to 500 million tons of insects. A spider is also counted as an insect, as all birds that eat insects can also eat spiders.

So, the ratio of eating the spiders will be the same as the insects. There is no limit to eating the spiders by birds as birds can eat the spiders whenever they want to eat.

Can Parrots Eat Spiders?

No, parrots cannot eat spiders because spiders contain toxins that can be harmful to their health. If we talk about insects, then parrots can eat them.

The number of insects they eat depends on how delicious the other food is and how easily the bug can be a catch. Parrots can eat all types of insects, such as wax worms, caterpillars, mealworms, and termites. Flies can eat all kinds of insects that they can handle.

Do Hummingbirds Eat Spiders?

Yes, hummingbirds can eat spiders. Doug Tallamy, the entomologist at the University of Delaware, claims that hummingbirds like to eat nectar, but eighty percent of their diet consists of spiders and insects.

Hummingbirds can feed on a large number of spiders. These birds can eat spiders every time they fly and return after a few hours to provide the next batch of spiders.

Do Chameleon Birds Eat Spiders?

Yes, chameleon birds feed on spiders and small insects. Live insects are an excellent food source for chameleons.

Grasshoppers and crickets are their favorite food. Chameleons can also eat brown recluse spiders. If these spiders are not black, then chameleon birds can easily intake them as a food source. These are very small so, the chameleon can easily digest them.

Last Words

There are various birds that eat spiders as mentioned above. Also, there are different kinds of spiders that exist in nature, including small spiders to large poisonous spiders. Poisonous spiders are not safe for birds and usually, birds go for small spiders except few species as discussed above.

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