Can Cockatiels Eat Almonds? (Safe or Bad?)

Cockatiels are food-loving birds and love to eat various foods without any hesitation. But almonds are a different thing to feed cockatiels. Also, many people have posted their queries regarding this topic, can cockatiels eat almonds?

Cockatiels can eat almonds, and they enjoy eating almonds. But not every type of almond is good for them and it requires proper care while feeding them. Know how you can properly feed them almonds without creating any trouble.

Table of Contents:

  1. Are Almonds Safe For Cockatiels?
  2. Do Cockatiels Like Almonds?
  3. How To Feed Almonds To Cockatiels?
  4. How Much To Feed Almonds To Cockatiels?
  5. How Often To Feed Cockatiels Almonds?
  6. Are Almonds Bad For Cockatiels?
  7. Are Raw Almonds Good For Cockatiels?
  8. Last Words

Are Almonds Safe For Cockatiels?

Yes, almonds are entirely safe because they contain all important and necessary nutrients and vitamins for cockatiels. The essential nutrients, minerals, and vitamins include manganese, magnesium, phosphorus, vitamin E, and vitamin B2.

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Manganese helps in a bird’s growth, increases its metabolism, and helps in clotting and reproduction.

Magnesium helps in the regulation of blood pressure in your birds. It also supports their immune system.

Phosphorus helps in maintaining your bird’s bones and also helps in forming them. Vitamin E helps in improving the response rate of your bird to stress.

Finally, vitamin B2 helps convert the food eaten by your bird into energy, which will further help them do work all day.

Along with this, almonds are also high in protein, fat, fiber, and carbohydrates. Cockatiels are small birds, so they should be fed almonds in less quantity.

One ounce of almond is almost 28 grams. These 28 grams are divided in such way, 6 grams of protein, 2.5 grams of carbohydrates, 161 calories, 3.5 grams of fiber, and 14 grams of fat. Being a delightful snack, they are a perfect snack to serve for your cockatiel.

Do Cockatiels Like Almonds?

Yes, cockatiels love to eat almonds as they are full of nutrition but also tastier. However, it is safe to feed them. The number of almonds for your cockatiels as a portion of food should be no more than 2 to 3 grams per day. And please serve them almonds once a week.

How To Feed Almonds To Cockatiels?

One gram of almond is enough to serve your cockatiels. Almost every almond is 1 gram, but this weight is without the almond shell.

Therefore, you can serve 1 gram of almond to your cockatiel daily. You have to crack the shell of almonds before serving as they are not good for the health of your cockatiels.

Shelled almonds do not contain the necessary nutrients that are required for the development of your cockatiel. So, crack them first before serving.

You can crush almonds into tiny pieces for feeding cockatiels, as your cockatiels will easily eat them. The size should be small enough that a small-sized bird can eat them.

Big size can cause various problems, choking, etc. The other method you can use to serve almonds to your cockatiels is to remove the brown peel first.

But it depends on your bird’s choices, some birds like to eat almonds with that brown peel, and some do not. Under the brown peel, there is white skin which is more appealing to some birds.

Always buy almonds from a well-known supermarket or grow them in your garden. Almonds from local supermarkets can be harmful to your cockatiels. Always serve them good and human-grade almonds.

How Much To Feed Almonds To Cockatiels?

The number of almonds to be fed to cockatiels should not be more than 2 to 3 grams. You can serve less than this amount but never exceed this amount.

This amount is the amount that you can to your cockatiel on a daily basis. The percentage of almonds in the diet of your cockatiels should be almost 10 percent, not less or more than that.

One more thing, never serve only one type of food to your birds. Add different varieties of foods and snacks. The total amount of food that a cockatiel can eat is almost 30 to 40 grams in grams.

How Often To Feed Cockatiels Almonds?

A moderate amount of almonds can be fed to cockatiels. However, the immoderation of almonds and any other food or snack can cause various risks to the health of your bird.

You can serve your bird almonds on a daily basis, but it is recommended to feed birds almonds once or twice a week.

Are Almonds Bad For Cockatiels?

No, almonds are not bad for the health of cockatiels. They are highly nutritious if fed in a moderate amount. But yes, if you will feed cockatiels almonds in excess amounts, then it can cause problems for your bird.

The risk factors can be due to the high intake of copper present in almonds. Copper in almonds is not harmful to your birds as long as you are feeding in moderation, but it can harm your bird if its amount increases. So, please serve them almonds once or twice a week.

The other thing that can be harmful to your cockatiel is salted almonds. Almonds come in different flavors. For humans, there is no change in taste, but for birds, they are different.

The salted almonds can damage the fluid and electrolyte balance in birds’ systems, which can cause kidney failure leading to death. This reason is enough to keep away from salted almonds.

Almonds can be bad if fed in excess amounts. As mentioned earlier, it is essential to feed in moderation. However, almonds are very healthy and full of nutrition but should be taken in small amounts.

It is because they are just snacks, not complete meals. They must be given to birds in the crushed form to eat easily as almonds are bigger, so crushing them is vital.

Are Raw Almonds Good For Cockatiels?

Raw almonds are good for cockatiels, but it also depends on their choice as some birds do not like eating whole raw almonds. Cockatiels are small birds that cannot eat a whole almond, so crush it first before serving. Also, make sure they are free from chemicals and unsalted.

Last Words

Cockatiels can almonds as we have discussed above with a proper guide for feeding. The important thing is to not overfeed them almonds and in limited quantities as mentioned.

In various almonds, the best type of almonds for your cockatiels are roasted and salt-free almonds. If you are buying almonds, then make sure that they do not have salt added to them.

If you are giving almonds to your birds, keep in mind that they do not attract to eat by sugar sprinkling or glaze polishing on them. Raw almonds are the basic requirement for them.

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