Can Cockatiels Eat Oranges? (Everything You Need to Know)

Cockatiels are fond of eating different foods, including fruits. Oranges are one of the favorite fruits of many birds, and you may have a question regarding feeding oranges to cockatiels. Many times the question is spotted on online platforms, can cockatiels eat oranges?

Cockatiels can eat oranges without any hesitation because of the taste of oranges and the health benefits of oranges. The nutrients present in the orange add value to the growth of birds without any significant side effects.

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Are Oranges Safe For Cockatiels?

Yes, oranges are entirely safe for cockatiels because they are high in nutrition and have various benefits for birds. Oranges have fiber, necessary calories, vitamins like vitamin B, vitamins C, vitamin D, and some essential nutrients.

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Calories in oranges help cockatiels get the energy they need to fly all over the day and help them search for food for themselves or their baby cockatiels.

Oranges do not have any fat, cholesterol, or sodium, which is the biggest reason that oranges are safe for cockatiels. A small amount of sugar is present in oranges, but cocktails easily digest this sugar content.

This sugar content helps cockatiels in activating their digestive enzymes. Oranges are free from any artificial sugar. Artificial sugars are difficult to digest, while natural sugar is easy to digest.

Oranges ensure the healthy function of the cockatiel’s immune system as it is rich in vitamin C. Along with this, it helps eradicate disease-causing free radicals in cockatiels.

Vitamin B is also found in oranges, which help boost nerve tissues and the metabolism of carbohydrates in cockatiels.

Do Cockatiels Like To Eat Oranges?

Cockatiels are one of the birds that eat oranges. Cockatiels love to eat fruits, and oranges are one of them. The main reason why cockatiels like oranges are that oranges are tangy and sweet at the same time. Therefore, they are the healthiest and perfect supplement and treat for cockatiels.

Orange Nutrition

Oranges are one of the most healthy fruits for birds. They are high in essential vitamins like vitamins A, B, and C. Oranges also have potassium and are high in dietary fiber.

The number of nutrients in percent and grams present in one orange is listed in the table below.


Amount in percentage and grams
Calories47 percent
Water87 percent
Protein0.9 grams
Carbs11.8 grams
Sugar9.4 grams
Fiber2.4 grams

How To Feed Oranges To Cockatiels?

There are many methods to feed oranges to cockatiels. The best thing about feeding oranges to cockatiels is that a lot of preparation is not required to serve oranges.

Before serving, it is important to introduce the food that you are going to serve to cockatiels. Then, give them a small portion of the orange slice and see if they like it or not.

You can cut the orange into small pieces or slices, make its juice, serve it in small portions, or serve the orange with its peels. Small slices or pieces of oranges can be placed near cockatiels, on a table, or in the bird feeder.

The other option you can use is sticking an orange slice on a nail on the table. Orange juice should be homemade as packed orange juice available in markets is not healthy for cockatiels as they contain preservatives that are toxic for cockatiels.

Raw orange juice is also not recommended for feeding cockatiels. Always dilute it with water before serving.

Some cockatiels do not like to eat orange peels, while some like to eat them, so it is recommended to introduce orange peels to cockatiels first.

Before serving, oranges make sure they are not moldy or anything that can turn the cockatiels’ mood off. Oranges should be fresh and washed thoroughly to remove pesticides and dirt from them (serving oranges along with their peels).

You can also serve dried oranges to cockatiels, but they should be free of sulfur dioxide. Dried oranges available in markets have sulfur dioxide as a preservative and have harmful effects on cockatiels’ health.

So try to dry oranges in your home so that they will be free from any harmful chemicals. The best thing to save cockatiels from pesticides is growing them in your home or your garden.

How Often To Feed Cockatiels Oranges?

Oranges should not be fed to cockatiels or any other bird in high amounts as they have ascorbic acid in high amounts, unfortunately, which can lead to various stomach problems if served in a large amount. That is why it is recommended to feed one orange to cockatiels a week.

How Much To Feed Oranges To Cockatiels?

An adequate amount of oranges should be fed to cockatiels. Always serve only one orange to the cockatiel once a week, never exceeding the amount because ascorbic acid present in oranges can upset their tummy.

Benefits Of Feeding Oranges To Cockatiels

Oranges are a tasty treat or a snack for both birds and humans, and they are as beneficial for birds as they are for humans. Some of them are listed below.

Vitamin A

Vitamin A in oranges will help manage the development of cockatiel and remove any respiratory infection. The health of bones also improves because of the orange intake.

Vitamin B

Vitamin B can play the role of a natural antidepressant for your parrots, improving their state of mind and helping with their mood swings. In addition to this, it plays a significant role in combining different proteins and the production of red cells.

Vitamin C

It is a known fact that the consumption of vitamin C is essential for parrots to maintain their circulation levels. Whereas oranges have a high vitamin C content and they also aid in improving the bird’s immune system, preservation, and healing.


Calcium is another essential nutrient that is present in oranges. It has a high significance when it comes to making the bones, muscles, and organs strong.

Can Cockatiels Eat Orange Peels?

Yes, cockatiels can eat oranges peels. Orange peels have more fiber than whole orange fruit. Like oranges, its peels also have vitamin A, vitamin B, and vitamin C.

Orange peels also have calcium. Orange peels are good for the cockatiels’ digestive system and the better functioning of the nervous system. Although cockatiels like to eat orange peels along with the fruit, they do not like eating orange peels only.

Orange peels are not harmful or toxic to the health of cockatiels. But, still, it is not recommended to feed orange peels to cockatiels.

The reason behind this is the choking problem that can be caused due to orange peels as they are chewy. So, it will be good if you will remove the peel or peel off oranges before serving to cockatiels.

Oranges can have pesticides and dirt on their outer layer (orange peel) so make sure you wash them thoroughly and carefully before serving.

Can Cockatiels Have Orange Juice?

Yes, oranges can eat orange juice. It is a perfect beverage for cockatiels. You can feed orange juice to cockatiels daily. But, the amount of orange juice should be moderate as oranges are quite acidic.

So, to lessen its acidic nature, it is recommended to serve orange juice mixed with water. Dilute orange juice with water well and serve to cockatiels in small portions. A sip or two is enough for them. Like oranges, orange juice is also easily digestible by cockatiels.

Final Thoughts

Cockatiels are food-loving birds, and they feed on seeds, veggies, homemade foods, bird food, fruits, etc. Cockatiels can eat oranges, as oranges are healthy for them.

Vitamins that are found in oranges are also essential for producing antibodies and strengthening the bones of cockatiels. Traces of vitamin A are also present in oranges.

It helps boost the production of epithelial cells and helps the skin maintain a good condition in cockatiels. Also, small quantities of Vitamin C you can find in oranges are essential for calcium absorption in cockatiels.

A large amount of fiber in oranges ensures better digestion in cockatiels. Cockatiels only eat what they like to have.

Never force them to eat anything, i.e., any fruit, vegetable, or other bird snacks. Before serving oranges to cockatiels, make sure they are shredded or chopped well into small pieces.

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