What Birds Eat Oranges? (List Of Popular Birds)

Birds like to eat different fruits. They also like oranges. Oranges are one of the most recommended fruits for birds. Many people have asked questions about what birds eat oranges.

Oranges are one of the foods used to attract various birds who like to eat them. Birds that eat oranges are many, and below are some popular birds who love to eat oranges.

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Many birds can eat oranges. Some of them are orioles, red-bellied woodpeckers, western tanagers, bluebirds, waxwings, gray catbirds, towhees, rose-breasted grosbeaks, brown thrashers, northern mockingbirds, scarlet tanagers, and robins. You can serve them orange in both ways, either in slices or in two pieces.

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Tropical fruits like oranges are not unusual for wild birds to eat as other fruits like cherries and barriers are already in their diet. To make it easier for the birds to eat an orange, it is suggested to impale them. Oriole is usually perched on a flat surface next to an orange which is cut open.

Red-bellied Woodpeckers

Red-bellied Woodpeckers love oranges so much that they are often known as Orange Juice woodpeckers. Oranges can easily attract them. You have to place oranges outside in a bird feeder on a container or a tree when flying.

Western Tanagers

Western tanagers mostly prefer eating insects, especially in the breeding season and in the winter season.

But they also eat fruits which include oranges, as they are wild birds, so they can digest oranges that are not peeled, which gives them the ability to eat unpeeled oranges.

You can also feed western tanagers oranges after peeling and cutting them. It won’t affect the nutrients, and it will be easy for the birds to enjoy their oranges. Can birds eat oranges & are oranges safe for birds?

Other Orange Eating Birds

When you see birds like waxwings, bluebirds, and other birds coming into the backyard, do not waste time and serve sliced oranges or oranges divided into two halves in a bird feeder or ground garden. And if in the nesting season, you will also see their babies growing in summer.

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Are Oranges Good For Birds?

Yes, oranges are suitable for the health of birds. They are good in taste and are full of essential nutrients.

Oranges are an indispensable ingredient for increasing birds’ immunity as oranges are filled with high vitamin C content and a great taste.

If you don’t consider this a good reason to let the bird eat an orange from time to time, we can’t think of any other reason. Oranges are also a great treat that helps to relieve stress in birds.

Oranges might also help birds in fighting illness and boost their immunity. But before feeding an orange to a bird, ensure that it is peeled and all the seeds are removed.

Oranges are equally healthy and beneficial for birds as they are for humans. The high vitamin C content in oranges can help birds get through stressful times, such as the spring months when looking after their young ones.

It also boosts their immune system during any season of the year but especially during the months of winter or autumn. Vitamin C is also beneficial in the following conditions.

  1. Aids in regulating their weight.
  2. Stress relief during molting.
  3. Boosting immunity.
  4. Boost fertility.
  5. Improvement in the digestion process.

No doubt, oranges are beneficial to birds, but an overdose of oranges can cause diarrhea in birds. To avoid this, you can spread a handful of oranges all over the yard or property.

This will prevent the same birds from eating all the oranges. You can spread other fruits and vegetables along with oranges.

Do Birds Eat Oranges From Trees?

Yes, birds can eat oranges from trees. For birds, it is not necessary to peel off oranges, so yes, they can directly eat oranges from trees.

But for pet birds or garden birds, you should peel the oranges and remove the tough part and seeds to keep them safe from any digestion issues.

Birds That Eat Oranges In The Winter?

There are birds like bluebirds, mockingbirds, woodpeckers, and robins that can eat oranges in winter. You’ll be surprised after seeing other birds eating it.

In winter, oranges with bright colors are available in reasonable amounts for winter feeders. Those Birds having an interest in eating them can differentiate between those oranges even if they are away from them.

Can Wild Birds Eat Oranges?

Wild birds can eat oranges, and oranges have enormous benefits for the health of wild birds. Along with this, oranges do not have any harmful side effects.

They are entirely safe for feeding wild birds. There are chances that some wild birds will not like oranges for eating as it is a citrus fruit.

But some wild birds will love to eat the juicy and soft center of oranges. Orioles are wild bird who enjoys eating oranges.

It is worth making birds feed on oranges as the benefits of eating oranges outdo the adverse effects, and it also contains a lot of nutrients that are essential for the growth of birds.

They prefer to consume oranges from where the humans choose to eat them, which is the soft wedges or pod or commonly known as endocarp.

After all, it is clear that it is highly unusual for the birds to eat the tough part and even more impressive to eat the orange peel.

To make birds eat an orange, it is recommended that you impale the orange on a railing, spike, or a pole after cutting them in half and let birds eat them in their way.

It is highly recommended that you do not feed oranges to birds in the conventional hanging feeders. Placing the oranges under birds’ tables after splitting them in half is fine but placing them on the ground or the walls are much better.

Oranges are beneficial for humans as they provide a lot of valuable vitamins; this is the same in the case of birds; orange offers them a lot of healthy vitamins while having small quantities of calories and fiber.

An orange a day will decrease the risk of heart disease in humans, but for birds, it provides extra energy which they can store and use throughout their day.

But the most significant benefit that oranges offer in the case of birds is the high value of vitamin C, which has a substantial role in improving the health of the birds.

Can Garden Birds Eat Oranges?

Yes, they can feed on oranges, and some garden birds who eat oranges are robins, catbirds, tanagers, bluebirds, woodpeckers, etc. You can offer your garden birds sliced oranges or oranges in two pieces.

After cutting them, place them on the ground of your garden or your bird table. They will enjoy eating them.

You can spread the oranges all around your yard or property to make it fun and entertaining for birds. It is suggested that you should impale the pieces of oranges on spikes or fences.

Can Baby Birds Eat Oranges?

Yes, baby birds can eat oranges when their digestive system develops to consume fruits. But they should be peeled off before serving baby birds. Oranges are almost universally accepted fruit for birds and are also the most popular food to be done to birds.

Remove the outer layer or skin of the oranges and then cut it into different small pieces or whole slices or divide the entire orange into two halves.

Final Thoughts

Most birds can eat oranges, as they are one of the favorite fruits of birds. A few things should keep in mind before feeding birds oranges. Peeling off the orange and removing the seeds should be carefully done before serving birds.

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