Do Bluebirds Eat Crickets? (Know The Fact)

Crickets are one of the food sources of many birds, and they like to have crickets as their diet part. When it comes to bluebirds, many individuals interested in watching or feeding bluebirds have asked the question, do bluebirds eat crickets?

Bluebirds eat crickets whenever they get a chance to feed on them. Crickets are a part of bluebirds’ diet due to their insectivorous behavior. They get a lot of nutrition present in crickets that add value to their positive growth.

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is Cricket Safe For Bluebirds?

Yes, crickets are safe for Bluebirds to some extent. This is because crickets provide a lot of health benefits, but there are also disadvantages to them.

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The main advantage that crickets have is that they have a lot of proteins and protein is very important for any bird in its diet.

Crickets also contain high contents of calcium. They can provide more calcium than milk. If there are 30 grams of crickets, they will be equal to 43 milligrams of calcium. 

It means that crickets provide enough calcium to Bluebirds. Crickets are also famous for having a lot of iron. It is a very important content for the diet of Bluebird. But if you offer a lot of crickets to your Bluebird, it can cause diseases and health risks. 

There are also dangers of feeding crickets to your Bluebird, and these are as follows,

Crickets have very sharp bones present on their legs. And these bones act as barbs for protection. These bones can prove a choking hazard and dangerous for your Bluebird as they can hurt your pet’s digestive tract and throat.

What Do Bluebords Eat? (Foods & Feeding Tips)

Do Bluebirds Like To Eat Crickets?

Yes, Bluebirds like to eat cricket. Bluebirds always prefer to eat insects, for example, crickets. As we know, bluebirds are insectivorous.

It is good for them to feed on cricket as a treat because a large number of crickets can be dangerous.

How To Feed Crickets To Bluebirds?

You can feed crickets to bluebirds with the help of a feeder. Bluebirds often prefer open places surrounded by ground cover and few trees.

The ideal location for putting a feeder is in the middle of a grassy area of your lawn. When placing a feeder, you should be sure that the bird feeder is located at a place that is safe from pets like feral or pets.

If you want to attract Bluebirds to your yard, you need to refrain from using any natural insecticide or chemical which can harm the Bluebirds and their babies.

How Much To Feed & How Often To Feed Bluebirds Cricket?

You can feed crickets to bluebirds once a week. As we know, crickets do not have any proper nutrition, so they should not be served regularly.

With other options of food, crickets rank at a low position. So, one thing has been cleared crickets should not be eaten on a regular basis.

Can Bluebirds Eat Peanuts?

But in case you are serving crickets to bluebirds, you must offer them as a treat. To serve crickets to your Bluebirds, you should use a feeder.

There are different types of feeders available in the market, but the idea behind getting the feeders for Bluebirds is to find a small place where they will not face any trouble while eating their food.

Bluebirds should be served with crickets in a limited amount. This is because there is the presence of a lot of protein, iron, calcium, and phosphorus.

If there is a lot of iron, it can lead to iron storage diseases. The symptoms of these diseases in your Bluebird are mentioned below.

  • Poor appetite
  • Destructive behavior
  • Paralysis
  • weight loss

You should only serve them crickets if you have less food other than crickets. It would be best if you would feed them with vegetable seeds and fruits on regular days. There are many alternatives that you can provide to your Bluebird.

Do Bluebirds Eat Seeds?

Will Bluebirds Eat Dried Crickets?

Crickets are generally eaten in live conditions. Usually, bluebirds will not eat black or dead crickets. But some bluebirds can also eat dried crickets.

Bluebirds can also eat dried crickets if there is no other choice left for them to eat. It is just dependent on them if they want to eat or not.

If you have a food shortage, you can serve them dried crickets, but if they do not eat them multiple times, you should not serve them.

Last Words

We got to know that bluebirds eat crickets without any hesitation when they get a chance to eat. You should keep in mind the most important thing is not overfeeding them with crickets to not consume other foods.

Overfeeding them with any foods will lead to harmful effects on their health and growth. Also, try to feed them other foods that will let them enjoy a variety of food with different tastes.

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